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Monday, October 18, 2010

Seth Group-The Beginning of Soul Awareness

Continuation from previous blog Oct 11, 2010
Maria smiled when Kyle stood in the doorway of the den. Unlike John’s large frame, he was medium height and thin. Kyle worked out at the firm’s gym a couple of times a week and played golf with the partners. His mind was always racing with analytical thoughts about everyone and everything. Even now she knew he was probably mentally studying the group. Perhaps it was his profession as a criminal attorney to notice small details about people. She motioned with a nod of her head to him to sit in the folding chair next to her. The day before Maria had covered the metal chair with a blue padded cushion. The white candles she had lit and placed on the table and the mantel of the fireplace before her guests had arrived, flickered as Kyle walked passed them.
When he had finally sat down, she reached over and touched his hand; her reality had manifested. She so desperately wanted him to freely co-create this reality with her, knowing that she couldn’t will, create or force him to participate. His soul had to create the experience, even though he would fervently deny or debate her about the existence of the soul and God.
Now he was here. Looking at him, she noticed how tired he looked and lately he hadn’t been smiling as much. She missed the closeness they once had before the birth of Karia, before he became entrenched in the legal world, and before she had become aware of her assignment in this lifetime.  Maria introduced him to the one person in the group who didn’t know him.
“This is my husband, Kyle.” She smiled at Clara.
“I think I have seen you at the school a couple of times.” Clara responded.
“You probably have.” Kyle answered. “My wife has volunteered my services a number of times to help with school activities.”
“I’m eternally grateful for your help. And I would like to thank all of you for showing up tonight. This group is an opportunity for us to expand our human consciousness through the study of spiritual knowledge. We are starting with the Seth material, but I will add other works as we continue. ” Maria stated selecting her terminology with care. Originally, she had planned to use the word esoteric in place of spiritual, but knew she might deter some of them. Each of them was at different levels of soul development, and she would have to start from scratch and hope that the more advance ones in the group would be patient. These beginning sessions would be a reminder for them.
“Like I said Teach, what took you so long to get this together? This book,” John held up Seth Speaks, “is not just something you read and toss aside. The ideas in it are phenomenal and need to be examined under a microscope.” He said using the nickname he had given because he recognized the depth of her knowledge.
“Yeah, what got me was that statement he made in the first section about not having a physical body, but being able to write a book.” Richard joined into the conversation.
Nodding at both of them, she continued addressing the group. “We will explore all those ideas and how they impact on this group.” Before she could finish, Romayne jumped into the conversation.
 “Do you think we reincarnated together?” She had been waiting patiently to chime in. Romayne respected Maria’s knowledge and great interpretation of spiritual concepts, but she also had the same gift. This could have been her group, but she realized that it wasn’t time yet. She could learn a lot from Maria and the dynamics of a soul group.
“It’s quite possible; we all co-created this together.”
Clara raised her hand to be acknowledged. “Hold on a minute. I don’t understand anything you guys are talking about. I read the book, but I’m lost. Most of it didn’t make any sense to me. It read like a bad science fiction.” She pulled the book from underneath her Bible.
“Teach,” Bea said loudly. “What about opening with a meditation before staring the discussion?”
“Yes, I know. I didn’t realize that I would get this type of feedback so quickly. Bea will lead us in a short meditation, but first just let me say this one thing. “We have chosen to reincarnate together. Perhaps in another lifetime we didn’t complete an assignment or learn what we needed too. Seth explains that often souls return for just the security of being with each other. We just might discover why we are together.”
“I don’t believe in reincarnation and it’s not in the Bible.” Clara stated, holding her Bible up with her right hand so everyone could see it.
“Neither do I.” said Kyle. “And not because reincarnation was taken out of the Bible. I believe we only get one shot at this lifetime, and we have to make the best of the hand we have been dealt.”
Everyone had started talking at once. Maria shouted out, “Please be quiet,” she tried to gain control of the group.
Bea jumped up, and went into Vriksha-asana, the Tree Yoga Pose. Everyone stopped talking and looked at her as she stood on the left leg, bent the right leg and placed the right foot on the root of the left thigh; gracefully she raised both of her arms over her head, keeping her elbows unbent, and then joined the palms of her hands together. She took a deep breath.
“You don’t really expect us to do that.” Clara looked horrified.
To be continued.

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