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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Numerical Perspective on the Miracle at the Mines

As I followed the story of the incredible rescue of 33 miners from a mine in Chile, I couldn’t help but look at the entrapment and flawless rescue from a numerical and spiritual perspective. The Master Number 33/6 was the dominant vibrational force in this incident. It is the vibration of healing love, protection, compassion, and empathy, qualities that were constantly demonstrated throughout the entrapment of the 33 miners. The president of Chile, Sebastian Piñera, stated 3 things he believed led to a successful rescue: the Chileans immediately demonstrated passion to rescue their countrymen; they kept the faith against all odds; and they opened their hearts and arms to receive help from everywhere.
33/6 is about demonstrating a deep concern for others and unselfishness. The 33/6 indicates the presence of a high level spiritual teacher or sage. In this case I believe it was St. Michael the Archangel. He is the protector of all those souls and events that vibrate with this number.
Written as 33/6, the 6 vibration represents the human emotions involved in a situation of this type, those of fear and love. And of course, love conquered fear. This is further emphasized in the number of days the men were in captivity in the mine—69.  Adding 6+9, you get 15. Okay, keep adding 1+5 and the sum is 6---we are family should be the theme song for the miners as well as humanity. It was also stated in the media that the men were 600 ft. underground.
The miracle at the mines is a signpost, showing us what we can do when we come together in love and faith to help each other. It’s all about becoming our brother’s keeper. Look for more incidents of where the welfare of humanity and the world will be more important than materialism as we move closer to 2012 and beyond.
We are family.
I got all my brothers with me.
We are family.
Get up ev’rybody and sing.
Composers Bernard Edward and    Nile Rodgers

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