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Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween- Pagan Festival of the Dead

As a child I loved Halloween, wearing costumes, going trick or treating, and being scared out of my wits. Now as an adult this is not one of my favorite holidays. Maybe I have grown old and cynical, but Halloween has turned into a nightmare for most parents. You can no longer take your child to the neighbor’s house for candy and you definitely have to be careful of the material of the costume. We use to dressed up in our parents’ clothes and paint our faces withour mother’s makeup. Nowadays costumes can cost you quite a lot of money, just check out the above video.
The good old days are gone. The one thing that has stayed steady is the date 10/31 that Halloween occurs on every year. These numbers 1031 equal 5, the vibration of harmony and balance. This year Halloween is occurring on the fifth  Sunday of the month and the symbol for 5 is the pentagram, representing power and protection. Both Halloween and the pentagram are associated with witches. Wiccans called this day, Samhain and like the Celts believe it is a time that the veil between the physical and spiritual dimensions is at its weakest point to allow communication with ancestors and departed ones, releasing negative energy and looking forward to new beginnings. Looking at Halloween from the above perspective, I decided to honor my deceased love ones and have a little of that Halloween candy. 

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