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Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween- Pagan Festival of the Dead

As a child I loved Halloween, wearing costumes, going trick or treating, and being scared out of my wits. Now as an adult this is not one of my favorite holidays. Maybe I have grown old and cynical, but Halloween has turned into a nightmare for most parents. You can no longer take your child to the neighbor’s house for candy and you definitely have to be careful of the material of the costume. We use to dressed up in our parents’ clothes and paint our faces withour mother’s makeup. Nowadays costumes can cost you quite a lot of money, just check out the above video.
The good old days are gone. The one thing that has stayed steady is the date 10/31 that Halloween occurs on every year. These numbers 1031 equal 5, the vibration of harmony and balance. This year Halloween is occurring on the fifth  Sunday of the month and the symbol for 5 is the pentagram, representing power and protection. Both Halloween and the pentagram are associated with witches. Wiccans called this day, Samhain and like the Celts believe it is a time that the veil between the physical and spiritual dimensions is at its weakest point to allow communication with ancestors and departed ones, releasing negative energy and looking forward to new beginnings. Looking at Halloween from the above perspective, I decided to honor my deceased love ones and have a little of that Halloween candy. 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hereafter-an Awakening Movie

I cried. I laughed. I was mesmerized by the poignant story of life after death-The Hereafter, directed by Clint Eastwood. Although it is categorized with other paranormal films, it is much more than a scary Halloween movie. And to his credit, Eastwood doesn't full it with a lot of religious rhetoric. Hereafter is about love and relationships that don't end with death; life continues to exist. I identified with the movie on many levels: as an intuitive reader, one who  has lost a young brother and son, and one who has communicated with those of other dimensions.  Interesting enough, the movie really doesn't answer questions about what happens after we die. Instead it lays the foundation that life exists after death as well as how through a reputable medium one can communicate with a departed love one. You see flashes of another dimension and hear a short conversation between two characters about the existence of life after death, but no substantial facts. And that’s okay because Hereafter is an awakening movie for humanity to realize we are more than flesh and blood, we are immortal souls, and life goes on. Go see this movie.  

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

October and the Vibration 5-How Powerful is That?

I didn’t blog about 10/10/10, but I did receive a number of emails requiring about its significance, if any.  Lay persons to the science of numerology add the numbers 10+10+10 to equal 30/3, but numerologists look at the entire calendar date and year --10+10+2010=50/5. This gives the date a totally different numerical significance. The 3 represents the creative force and the 5 deals with  transformation/movement. If you vibrated with the 30/3 energetic influence, then quite possibly you had a day of creative endeavors, however, if you preferred the 50/5 energy, your day might have been filled with change and action. It’s your perspective that often determines how you work with any given energy.
I received the following email from a friend, whom I call Earth Angel, about another interesting fact about the month of October.
This October is very special. It has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays all in 1 month.  This happens once in 823 years. These are known as money bags. Pass this along to 8 good people and money will appear in 4 days based on the Chinese Fengshui. Those who stop it will experience none.
Unfortunately, I don’t know whom to give credit to for this statement, so I asked Earth Angel if she knew. It was part of a chain letter so she decided to check with Hoax slayer about whether it was fact or fiction.
Brief Analysis from Hoax slayer at   
It is true that October 2010 has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays. However, such a combination occurs far more often than every 823 years. The last occurrence was in October 2004 while the next occurrence will take place in October 2021. The message is a revised version of a very similar- and equally erroneous - message about August 2010.
Awww….does this mean I won’t be receiving any money?
Regardless, the stream of 5’s in this month is a divine doorway into a reality where you can make important life changes that will be far more lasting than a bag of money. Although the month is almost over, you can still embrace the 5 energy by working with the powerful sacred geometry symbol-- the pentagon. The pentagon is a five-sided geometric figure or star that contains regeneration and power within its form. Draw the pentagon figure or wear a pentagram pendant to give you protection and balance.
 I know you are wondering about Halloween, witches and the pentagram- check back on 10/31/10. In the meantime, if I get a bucket full of money I’ll be sure to let you know that I received my money bags. There will be a blog titled, Gone to Tahiti.  

Monday, October 18, 2010

Seth Group-The Beginning of Soul Awareness

Continuation from previous blog Oct 11, 2010
Maria smiled when Kyle stood in the doorway of the den. Unlike John’s large frame, he was medium height and thin. Kyle worked out at the firm’s gym a couple of times a week and played golf with the partners. His mind was always racing with analytical thoughts about everyone and everything. Even now she knew he was probably mentally studying the group. Perhaps it was his profession as a criminal attorney to notice small details about people. She motioned with a nod of her head to him to sit in the folding chair next to her. The day before Maria had covered the metal chair with a blue padded cushion. The white candles she had lit and placed on the table and the mantel of the fireplace before her guests had arrived, flickered as Kyle walked passed them.
When he had finally sat down, she reached over and touched his hand; her reality had manifested. She so desperately wanted him to freely co-create this reality with her, knowing that she couldn’t will, create or force him to participate. His soul had to create the experience, even though he would fervently deny or debate her about the existence of the soul and God.
Now he was here. Looking at him, she noticed how tired he looked and lately he hadn’t been smiling as much. She missed the closeness they once had before the birth of Karia, before he became entrenched in the legal world, and before she had become aware of her assignment in this lifetime.  Maria introduced him to the one person in the group who didn’t know him.
“This is my husband, Kyle.” She smiled at Clara.
“I think I have seen you at the school a couple of times.” Clara responded.
“You probably have.” Kyle answered. “My wife has volunteered my services a number of times to help with school activities.”
“I’m eternally grateful for your help. And I would like to thank all of you for showing up tonight. This group is an opportunity for us to expand our human consciousness through the study of spiritual knowledge. We are starting with the Seth material, but I will add other works as we continue. ” Maria stated selecting her terminology with care. Originally, she had planned to use the word esoteric in place of spiritual, but knew she might deter some of them. Each of them was at different levels of soul development, and she would have to start from scratch and hope that the more advance ones in the group would be patient. These beginning sessions would be a reminder for them.
“Like I said Teach, what took you so long to get this together? This book,” John held up Seth Speaks, “is not just something you read and toss aside. The ideas in it are phenomenal and need to be examined under a microscope.” He said using the nickname he had given because he recognized the depth of her knowledge.
“Yeah, what got me was that statement he made in the first section about not having a physical body, but being able to write a book.” Richard joined into the conversation.
Nodding at both of them, she continued addressing the group. “We will explore all those ideas and how they impact on this group.” Before she could finish, Romayne jumped into the conversation.
 “Do you think we reincarnated together?” She had been waiting patiently to chime in. Romayne respected Maria’s knowledge and great interpretation of spiritual concepts, but she also had the same gift. This could have been her group, but she realized that it wasn’t time yet. She could learn a lot from Maria and the dynamics of a soul group.
“It’s quite possible; we all co-created this together.”
Clara raised her hand to be acknowledged. “Hold on a minute. I don’t understand anything you guys are talking about. I read the book, but I’m lost. Most of it didn’t make any sense to me. It read like a bad science fiction.” She pulled the book from underneath her Bible.
“Teach,” Bea said loudly. “What about opening with a meditation before staring the discussion?”
“Yes, I know. I didn’t realize that I would get this type of feedback so quickly. Bea will lead us in a short meditation, but first just let me say this one thing. “We have chosen to reincarnate together. Perhaps in another lifetime we didn’t complete an assignment or learn what we needed too. Seth explains that often souls return for just the security of being with each other. We just might discover why we are together.”
“I don’t believe in reincarnation and it’s not in the Bible.” Clara stated, holding her Bible up with her right hand so everyone could see it.
“Neither do I.” said Kyle. “And not because reincarnation was taken out of the Bible. I believe we only get one shot at this lifetime, and we have to make the best of the hand we have been dealt.”
Everyone had started talking at once. Maria shouted out, “Please be quiet,” she tried to gain control of the group.
Bea jumped up, and went into Vriksha-asana, the Tree Yoga Pose. Everyone stopped talking and looked at her as she stood on the left leg, bent the right leg and placed the right foot on the root of the left thigh; gracefully she raised both of her arms over her head, keeping her elbows unbent, and then joined the palms of her hands together. She took a deep breath.
“You don’t really expect us to do that.” Clara looked horrified.
To be continued.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Numerical Perspective on the Miracle at the Mines

As I followed the story of the incredible rescue of 33 miners from a mine in Chile, I couldn’t help but look at the entrapment and flawless rescue from a numerical and spiritual perspective. The Master Number 33/6 was the dominant vibrational force in this incident. It is the vibration of healing love, protection, compassion, and empathy, qualities that were constantly demonstrated throughout the entrapment of the 33 miners. The president of Chile, Sebastian Piñera, stated 3 things he believed led to a successful rescue: the Chileans immediately demonstrated passion to rescue their countrymen; they kept the faith against all odds; and they opened their hearts and arms to receive help from everywhere.
33/6 is about demonstrating a deep concern for others and unselfishness. The 33/6 indicates the presence of a high level spiritual teacher or sage. In this case I believe it was St. Michael the Archangel. He is the protector of all those souls and events that vibrate with this number.
Written as 33/6, the 6 vibration represents the human emotions involved in a situation of this type, those of fear and love. And of course, love conquered fear. This is further emphasized in the number of days the men were in captivity in the mine—69.  Adding 6+9, you get 15. Okay, keep adding 1+5 and the sum is 6---we are family should be the theme song for the miners as well as humanity. It was also stated in the media that the men were 600 ft. underground.
The miracle at the mines is a signpost, showing us what we can do when we come together in love and faith to help each other. It’s all about becoming our brother’s keeper. Look for more incidents of where the welfare of humanity and the world will be more important than materialism as we move closer to 2012 and beyond.
We are family.
I got all my brothers with me.
We are family.
Get up ev’rybody and sing.
Composers Bernard Edward and    Nile Rodgers

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Seth Study Group-Kyle's Doubt

Continuation from previous blog 10/5/10
Kyle stood in the doorway of his daughter’s room. She was asleep. He went over and gently pulled the cover up to her shoulders and reached down and kissed her on the cheek. Maria and Karia meant so much to him since he never had a real family; he was raised in the foster care system. He had often thought about searching for his mother, but after he married Maria and they had Karia, he no longer thought about finding the woman who had given him up at birth. Life was perfect until recently. He wished Maria ease up on her supernatural and spiritual obsessions. He had put his foot down when she mentioned astrology and crystal healing at a firm party. Politely changing the topic, he watched as she walked away from the group.  
Once home, they had a heated discussion as they prepared for bed. “It’s not a hobby. It’s who I am,” she said, her face taunt and defiant.
“I’m just asking you not to say anything, because most of the people in my law firm are Christians. People fear the supernatural or the paranormal.”
“They fear it because they don’t know or understand it. I’m trying to educate them.”
“How about just teaching Spanish and leave that up to the religious leaders.”
“That just it, this isn’t about religion. It’s about Truth.”
“What is Truth Maria?” He glanced at her as if she was witness in one of his cases.
“Mahatma Gandhi said there is no religion higher than Truth.” She said in strong, deeper voice than her own.
 “You didn’t answer the question. What is this Truth you keep talking about?”
“As an attorney you function according to your left brain and want a concrete definitive answer, but I can’t give that to you. I’m intuitive-right brain. “She stepped closer to him and put both of her hands on his chest. “ “Truth is inside here,” she pointed to his heart with her finger. “It's about soul evolution, its connection to the Divine Mind, the Earth and each other. Once you know who you’re, you’ll know and understand the language of the Great Architect of Truth.”
“Yeah, and it will set me free.” He smirked, looking into her dark, shinny eyes as chills embraced his body. They were coming quite frequently now, every since Marie had started talking this nonsense about the Great Architect of Truth.
Kyle checked his daughter’s monitor to make sure it was on, and then he quietly closed her door. On the way to the kitchen to get a glass of wine, he stopped at the top of the steps that led to the den on the lower level of the house. Maria was introducing everyone. She was a good teacher and he knew that she would also be an excellent leader. Marie had always been his rock, supporting him through law school and sticking by him until he found the right law firm.
He was torn between returning to his office and working on the stack of files on his desk or joining the group. He had to be in court early the next morning, but the sweet sound of his wife’s voice stirred something inside of him. Not only did they not go out any more, their intimate life was on hold too. Most nights she was already sleep when he slipped into the bed.
Kyle wasn’t a religious man, but tonight he felt like praying to God to spare him. Hadn’t he been through enough in life--the suffering and hardships at the hands of others? Why was God punishing him? Changing his wife into someone he didn’t know.
He took a step down.
To be continued.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Seth Study Group, the Perfect Seven

A continuation from Seth-a Reminder of Truth 10/5/10
Maria looked at the small group that had come to her first Seth study group. Sitting to her right was John the athletic coach at the high school where she taught Spanish. He had played pro ball until he had injured his knee. Unable to return to the team he decided to teach. They had become good friends, both being members of the same Teacher’s Book Club. When she had opened the door for him, he had embraced her with a gentle hug. Seth Speaks by Jane Roberts was held in one of his huge hands. She had given it to him for a birthday gift. When she had called to invite him to the study group, she imagined his smile as he said, “What took you so long? You know I’m on my second read. The material is above my athletic brain.”
Her eyes moved to her best friend Romayne. Most people thought they were sisters, with their oval faces, dark brown eyes, and long hair. They grew up together in the same neighborhood and were inseparable. Even their husbands would tease them about their closeness. Like twins they liked the same foods, clothes and when in college, the same men. It was no surprise that they both started reading New Thought material at the same time, attending metaphysical workshops, and reading the tarot cards.
Romayne’s husband, Richard, sat next to her, his bifocals perched on his nose as he turned the pages of the book. They had met at a New Age expo where Romayne was doing psychic readings. They would tell everyone, it was soul recognition.
Maria wished she could persuade her husband Kyle to come. Whenever she would approach him on reading Seth and joining the group, he would kiss her on the forehead and tell her she knew when they married he was an agnostic and he was still a non-believer.  Besides, he had work to do. Kyle, an attorney,  worked long hours to make partner in the firm. There is another way to do this she would tell him. “Create your reality with your thoughts and emotions. If you just would read Seth…”
Before she could finish, he would interrupt her, pretending he was speaking to a jury.  “Members of the jury, my wife want me to sit around like a yogi chanting, I am a partner.” Then he would turn to her and say, “Baby it takes work, not wishful thinking. But right now I wish your Seth would work his magic and prepare this brief for me.” He would chuckle.
“No, you don’t understand,” she would tried to tell him about the power of thoughts to manifest your reality, but to no prevail. He would pull her into his arms and she would never get a chance to finish the conversation.  
Maria returned her thoughts back to the study group and looked at Clara, who was new to New Thought concepts. Nevertheless, she had taken the chance and given her Seth Speaks at one of the book club meetings.
“I want to recommend this book to the group. Could you read it and let me know if you think the members would be interested? You have been a member longer than I have.” Maria handed her the book.
Clara hesitated a moment as she read aloud the words on the cover of the book, “Seth, a personality from another world now speaks through the borrowed body of spirit-medium of Jane Roberts. “
Looking at Maria, she shook her head affirmatively and scurried down the aisle in the school library. Maria knew she was only reading it because she felt as though it was her duty as a librarian to control what the group read.
Now she sat in Maria’s den with a Bible prominently displayed on her lap.
The doorbell rang and Maria ran up the several steps to answer it. She didn’t want to disturb Kyle. Maria peeped through the shutters and her yoga partner, Bea waved at her. They had met at a local yoga center. Bea was the instructor and helped her through her pregnancy and postnatal yoga to get her shape back. Bea was always late and true to form she stood at the door and her lips formed the word, “Sorry.” When Maria opened the door, Bea said, “I didn’t mean to create this lateness.” They both laughed. 
Maria went around the room introducing everyone. If only Kyle would reconsider and join the group, they would be the perfect seven, she thought. 2012 was fast approaching and they would have to choose one of the paths. Her mission was to be a guide for others, and she was failing. She couldn't even get the closest person to her to awaken.
To be continued
copyright by J.J.Michael

Monday, October 4, 2010

Seth Speaks-a Reminder of Truth

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep;
if I die before I wake,
I pray for God my soul to take
“Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep,” said the child kneeling at the side of her bed.
“Mommy, who is the Lord?” The three year old asked when she had finished.
“God, now climb into bed and let me tuck you in,” replied the mother.
“But where’s my soul?”
“You’re your soul.”
The child sat up in the bed and began to touch her head and chest. “I’m me Mommy. My teacher said this is my body. ” she cried.
The mother sat down next to the child and gathered her into her arms. “Okay sweetie, let me read you a bedtime story, and it will help your soul to remember who you are. The name of the story is Seth Speaks.”
“Who is Seth?”
“I’m going to tell you now.” She pulled the worn paperback book out of her sweater pocket and turned to the page she knew by heart and began to read.
I am an energy personality essence, no longer focused in physical matter. As such, I am aware of some truths that many of you seem to have forgotten. I hope to remind you of these.

The mother read the words as much for herself as for her daughter. We all need reminders she thought.  
According to Seth, the information he was giving had been told throughout the centuries, but forgotten. Probably she thought, because humans became so enmeshed with materialism—matter; they forgot who they were. The mother hurriedly flipped through the pages looking for one more important statement. “I got it!” she exclaimed, excitedly.
Seth said, “A soul is not something that you have. It is what you are.” She continued reading, “The soul or entity—in other words, your most intimate powerful inner identity—is and must be forever changing.  It forms the flesh and the world that your know, and it is in a state of becoming.”
She thought about how for years she really believed she had a soul, based first on her previous religious beliefs, and then on some of the New Age material she had read later. At last, she understood she was the soul and that carried a lot of weight.
Seth had described the soul as the most potent consciousness-unit known in the universe.
The little girl blinked once or twice before closing her eyes. She felt safe and content lying next to her mother. Her mother seemed so happy whenever she read from the Seth book. The words her mom had read to her where strange and she didn’t understand them, but something inside of her stirred, as she remembered the time before she was in her mommy’s stomach. She decided she would dream about that time again.
After a few seconds, the mother got up and hurried to her room. She called several friends and invited them over for a study group on the Seth Material. The time had come and she had to do her part.
To be continued...