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Monday, September 6, 2010

Stone Circles Communicating with God

This is a continuation from 2 previous blogs:

By the time we reached the second part of our journey to Avebury and Stonehenge, I was still floating in a consciousness of spiritual bliss and awareness. Both Avebury and Stonehenge are circles of stones constructed during the European Neolithic period. For years I thought Stonehenge was the oldest stone circle, only to discover on this trip that Avebury is the oldest stone circle in the world.

My granddaughter SeDona asked, “What’s the big deal about some old rocks?” She stood next to one of the oldest and largest stones in the cirlce. I took off my crop circle pendant I had just purchased at the tourist shop and used it as a pendulum. Everyone watched as the pendant began to move quite rapidly clockwise. “Look at the energy that is emitting off this stone after thousands of years.” I replied to her. “I know you might find this hard to believe, because you think that these are just some old rocks strew over the land. But, the stone builders of that time period, used Neolithic technology to strategically placed at least 100 of these gigantic stones here, They form a circle or sphere-- the same symbol that represents the Source, and  this stone circle is on the St. Michael’s ley line. I believe it was their way of communicating with God.”

“Okay, you believe they put them here to communicate with God, but how ?” SeDona continued to question me as the other walked ahead of us. She was asking all the right questions. I just didn’t have a definitive answer.

“Scientists, historians, archaeologists and others have yet to discover the secrets of these sites. But they do know the builders were highly skilled and had an advance technology that we don’t possess. If we can solve the mysteries of these ancient sites, we could possibly unlock a floodgate of information about the Earth and Universe that could help humanity and the planet to get back on the right path of light.”

“So, why are we here?”

“We are spiritual seekers. You’re the future and I’m your teacher for this part of your spiritual journey.And it is important for you to know these things now.“
Putting her arm through mine, we walked across the road to join the rest of our group as they walked around the Avebury circle. We stopped to watch a group of spiritual seekers doing a ritual at one of the oldest stones of Avebury. John told us that many of the original stones had disappeared or were destroyed by the Christians in earlier centuries to do away with the Pagan religion and also later farmers needed the land for agriculture and the stones to build homes. Just 27 of the original stones were still there, the others were replacements to show how the two inner and one outer circle looked. It was later through research that I discovered Dr. William Stukeley, an antiquarian who frequently visited the site in the 1720’s. He thought that the original design of Avebury was suppose to be the body of a serpent, passing through a circle, forming a traditional alchemical symbol. By now SeDona was anxious to see Stonehenge. She had viewed it so many times on the screensaver on my computer.

Stonehenge was a short distance away. Unlike Avebury where it is relatively free of crowds and you could walk up and touch the stones, mobs of people greeted us at the most famous stone circle of them all--Stonehenge. Years ago, I had visited the circle and was disappointed to discover I couldn’t touch the stones and this rule still applied. They were roped off and now the ropes kept us even further away from the stone circle. Like Avebury, many of the stones are missing. However, there are diagrams in the store and on the walkway to the circle to show you what it could have possibly looked like. The greatest mystery about Stonehenge is how the Stonehenge builders transported those mammoth stones to the area from 25 miles away. Additionally, what was the function of this circle? Some believe that is was an astronomical observatory, a healing place, or a religious and burial site. No one really knows. However, Stonehenge with all its mystery is revered by people all over the planet. They come in large numbers during the winter and summer solstice to experience the energy of the place. Groups are allowed into the inner circle for this event.

At the end of the day, John surprised us with a third crop circle. Since the owner prohibited people on his land, we couldn’t enter it. Nevertheless, John drove us to a place where we could look down on the circle as if we were getting an aerial view. Fantastic!

Returning to the cottage, the beautiful cat greeted us with her meows. I smiles as I reached down to pet her. I was still floating in love. Tomorrow, we would explore the town of Glastonbury on our own, the third point on the right triangle and on the St. Michael’s ley line.

P.S. John told us don’t be surprised if we have unusual dreams or other experiences. That night my granddaughter dreamt of a white horse and the next night she saw an owl outside of her window. I interpreted her dream and sighting of the owl as her two animal guides representing strength and wisdom. These two would assist her on her spiritual journey. *Wiltshire has 13 chalk carvings of white horses on hills around the countryside. Only the Uffington white horse is of prehistoric origin, being some three thousand years old. The others are around 300 years old. The residents of the area take great pride in these horse carvings. By now I’m pretty sure that my granddaughter and I had a past life time in this area together. It also explains why I have since childhood had an obsession with the name Michael and Archangel Michael is my spiritual guide. But what prevented me from going to St.Michael’s tor the next day?

To be continued…

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