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Monday, September 20, 2010

Seth Speaks by Jane Roberts--a Must Read for all Truthseekers

I’m reading Seth Speaks by Jane Roberts. The other day I stopped reading for a few moments to think about why I didn’t read the book when it was first published in 1972. It was a bestseller, challenging religious and metaphysical beliefs on the nature of reality and the soul.  I remembered my sister telling me about Seth, and I vaguely remembered not wanting to read anything that had to do with channeling. Besides I was too busy attending graduate school, working and having my first child. And if that wasn’t enough, I was hiding from my own psychic abilities.  During the day, I would wear my business suit as I moved up the corporate ladder. While at night I hovered under the arm-pit of my now ex-deceased husband, trying to stop an out-of-body experience. Sometimes I would hold my ears not to hear voices or squeeze my eyes tightly in order not to see spirits. The truth was I was too scared to read Seth.    
Thirty-eight years later with a lot of psychic, metaphysical, and spiritual experiences and travel under my belt, Seth is back and my ears, eyes and senses are wide open. As I read the book, I wanted to hear Seth speak and watch him come through Jane Roberts. I went looking for videos. The following videos are a three part series of taped interviews with Jane Roberts, her husband Robert Butts and of course Seth. I plan to explore the Seth’s material in the next several blogs to see if his explanation of the nature of reality thirty-eight years later is still as influential, if not more so, in today's world.

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