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Monday, September 13, 2010

May the Spirt of Avalon Be With You

Wearyall Hill
The last in the series of the Glastonbury Mystical Journey. Please read the previous three blogs.

The triangle symbolizes three levels: the beginning, middle and end. And the end had come for our journey. The last day of the journey was spent walking  the Glastonbury Pilgrim’s Trail—visiting the sites and sights of this mystical and metaphysical place and listening to the local legends. We were now included in a long list of prestigious people who had traveled the pilgrim’s road. Folklore has it that Jesus and his uncle, Joseph of Arimathaea, had been early pilgrims to Glastonbury. Jesus had come, during those unaccountable years of his life, to study with the Druids, as part of his initiation into higher wisdom. Joseph of Arimathaea had planted his Jerusalem Thorn Staff on a place called Wearyall Hill. The staff took root and sprouted branches. The present day tree is a descendant of the staff. Either you believe or you don’t. I’m a believer in mystical things and occurrences. So, our first stop on the pilgrim's trail was Wearyall Hill. We didn't climb the hill, but looked at the tree from the highway, because you can't get to close to it. Everyone would be pulling leaves and branches off of it.

The next stop was Glastonbury Abbey. Here I actually stepped on the possible graves of King Arthur and Lady Genevieve. The tour guide for the Abbey told us the graves had been found in the Abbey cemetery during the rebuilding of the St. Mary’s Chapel. However, they have no proof that these are the actual graves. Joseph of Arimathaea also built the world’s first purpose-built Christian Church on the site of the oldest part of the Abbey. Glastonbury is the birthplace of Celtic Christianity. The Abbey has a rich and extensive history.  Today the Abbey is a place of meditation,but it looks more like a scene from the movie, Lord of the Rings.The photo to the left was taken by Pawel as we walked the grounds of the Abbey. He shot this photo using a special lens to create the black and white image.

Vesica Piscis
We had to walk through the city of Glastonbury to get to the Chalice Well, often stopping at the various stores to do a little shopping. Glastonbury reminded me of Sedona, Arizona with its many stores of crystals, books, psychic readings, and any and everything metaphysical. However, there is a distinct difference between the two. Even in the commercial district of Glastonbury you sense and feel a strong spiritual energy and a connection to it.  Arriving at the Chalice Well, we had to pay a small fee to enter the garden where the well is located. Even before we could get to the well, we discovered at the bottom of the garden a pool  shaped in the form of the Vesica Piscis. I later learned that this powerful geometric symbol is found throughout the garden. The Vesica Piscis symbolizes the birth portal; it is the birthing place where people and ideas join in mutual understanding and common ground.

On this cool summer day, I found myself drinking from the wellhead of the Chalice garden. The water is known for its healing properties. For a short time, we sat on the highest hill of the garden reflecting and reading. It was heaven on earth.

After a long day, we had one last place to visit, The Glastonbury Tor. Tor is a local Celtic word meaning conical hill. I should have been excited about the seeing the Tor because Archangel Michael is my spirit guide, but I wasn’t. Maybe I was sensing the dark side of the Tor. During the Dark Ages it was place of economic and cultural deprivation and later a place of executions. But it is also known as a holy hill, the home of the King of Fairies and at one time the home of the Medieval St. Michael’s Church. From our cottage we had an excellent view of the Tor, and I knew that I didn’t need to climb it. I had received the healing I needed. Catrina and Pawel had climbed the hill before and told me that it was a long and in some places a difficult climb, but they wanted to do it again. SeDona and I opted out and spent the evening having a fantastic dinner at a local restaurant.

Later that night I listened as Pawel and Catrina talked about their experience of climbing the Tor for a second time. I distinctly got the impression that the second climb was not as enjoyable as the first. They too, I believe had reached a high saturation of energy and now needed rest. The photo to the left is Pawel standing in front of the Tor.

At last we had come to end of this mystical journey, and as they say in Glastonbury, “May the Spirit of Avalon Be with you!”

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