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Monday, September 27, 2010

Reality Check from Seth

I’m working from my bed. I fainted yesterday in the 96 degree weather at the Chickahominy POW wow in Charles City, Va. The short time I was at the POW wow was wonderful. My Native American brothers and sisters were wonderful hosts and when I had my fainting episode, they were very attentive and caring.  But all is well in my world and I see and feel myself being healthier and whole right now.
As I rest and contemplate on the events of my fainting, I thought about Seth. It is said that he coined the phrase: you create your reality.  I love the way he puts it: You are learning to be co-creators. You are learning to be gods as you now understand the term. You are learning responsibility—the responsibility of any individualized consciousness. You are learning to handle the energy that is yourself, for creative purposes.
I take full responsibility for what happened to me yesterday. I don’t blame God or believe that I had a spell of bad luck. I distinctly remembered thinking how I needed to get a medical checkup, but I didn’t want to use my present health care providers. At that time, they were just random thoughts.  To paraphrase what Seth says repeatedly in his book, Seth Speaks, by Jane Roberts, reality becomes what your mental thoughts project outwardly.
I got an EKG, blood work and a full medical examination by the medical emergency team of John Randolph Medical Center in Hopewell, Va.  Later when I looked into the hospital bathroom mirror and saw these soft ringlets of curls around my shoulders from the cool water they had poured on the back of neck at the fairgrounds. I laughed because the day before I had gone to the hair salon and settled for my typical straight hair style while thinking it was time to change to curls.  
Seth states, “You do not realize that you create your larger environment and know it by propelling your thoughts and emotions into matter—a breakthrough into three-dimensional life.”
I had studied about mental projection and knew this was a lesson in being aware of my random thoughts. Just think of all those random thoughts that are being propelled into matter by humanity, creating the reality of today’s world.   
I can’t wait to share with you how Seth describes the consciousness, the personality and the soul. Understanding these concepts will further help you understand the nature of reality. In the meantime, I encourage you to read Seth Speaks and you might want to check out, and my eBook, Path to Truth. It’s free and describes my journey into higher consciousness. Just email me at, and I will send you a copy.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Master number 22 and The First Day of Fall

A quick break from the Seth Material to honor the first day of fall called the autumnal equinox.  Twice a year the sun crosses the equator making the day and night approximately equal in lenght.  This takes place today- September 22, 2010- at  10:09 PM. Interestingly, the number 22, is called the Master Builder. This is a clear indication that we need to start preparing and gathering, as the squirrels do, for the winter months ahead, until the vernal equinox that occurs on March 21, marking the beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere.
Meditate and give thanks for your blessings.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Seth Speaks by Jane Roberts--a Must Read for all Truthseekers

I’m reading Seth Speaks by Jane Roberts. The other day I stopped reading for a few moments to think about why I didn’t read the book when it was first published in 1972. It was a bestseller, challenging religious and metaphysical beliefs on the nature of reality and the soul.  I remembered my sister telling me about Seth, and I vaguely remembered not wanting to read anything that had to do with channeling. Besides I was too busy attending graduate school, working and having my first child. And if that wasn’t enough, I was hiding from my own psychic abilities.  During the day, I would wear my business suit as I moved up the corporate ladder. While at night I hovered under the arm-pit of my now ex-deceased husband, trying to stop an out-of-body experience. Sometimes I would hold my ears not to hear voices or squeeze my eyes tightly in order not to see spirits. The truth was I was too scared to read Seth.    
Thirty-eight years later with a lot of psychic, metaphysical, and spiritual experiences and travel under my belt, Seth is back and my ears, eyes and senses are wide open. As I read the book, I wanted to hear Seth speak and watch him come through Jane Roberts. I went looking for videos. The following videos are a three part series of taped interviews with Jane Roberts, her husband Robert Butts and of course Seth. I plan to explore the Seth’s material in the next several blogs to see if his explanation of the nature of reality thirty-eight years later is still as influential, if not more so, in today's world.

Monday, September 13, 2010

May the Spirt of Avalon Be With You

Wearyall Hill
The last in the series of the Glastonbury Mystical Journey. Please read the previous three blogs.

The triangle symbolizes three levels: the beginning, middle and end. And the end had come for our journey. The last day of the journey was spent walking  the Glastonbury Pilgrim’s Trail—visiting the sites and sights of this mystical and metaphysical place and listening to the local legends. We were now included in a long list of prestigious people who had traveled the pilgrim’s road. Folklore has it that Jesus and his uncle, Joseph of Arimathaea, had been early pilgrims to Glastonbury. Jesus had come, during those unaccountable years of his life, to study with the Druids, as part of his initiation into higher wisdom. Joseph of Arimathaea had planted his Jerusalem Thorn Staff on a place called Wearyall Hill. The staff took root and sprouted branches. The present day tree is a descendant of the staff. Either you believe or you don’t. I’m a believer in mystical things and occurrences. So, our first stop on the pilgrim's trail was Wearyall Hill. We didn't climb the hill, but looked at the tree from the highway, because you can't get to close to it. Everyone would be pulling leaves and branches off of it.

The next stop was Glastonbury Abbey. Here I actually stepped on the possible graves of King Arthur and Lady Genevieve. The tour guide for the Abbey told us the graves had been found in the Abbey cemetery during the rebuilding of the St. Mary’s Chapel. However, they have no proof that these are the actual graves. Joseph of Arimathaea also built the world’s first purpose-built Christian Church on the site of the oldest part of the Abbey. Glastonbury is the birthplace of Celtic Christianity. The Abbey has a rich and extensive history.  Today the Abbey is a place of meditation,but it looks more like a scene from the movie, Lord of the Rings.The photo to the left was taken by Pawel as we walked the grounds of the Abbey. He shot this photo using a special lens to create the black and white image.

Vesica Piscis
We had to walk through the city of Glastonbury to get to the Chalice Well, often stopping at the various stores to do a little shopping. Glastonbury reminded me of Sedona, Arizona with its many stores of crystals, books, psychic readings, and any and everything metaphysical. However, there is a distinct difference between the two. Even in the commercial district of Glastonbury you sense and feel a strong spiritual energy and a connection to it.  Arriving at the Chalice Well, we had to pay a small fee to enter the garden where the well is located. Even before we could get to the well, we discovered at the bottom of the garden a pool  shaped in the form of the Vesica Piscis. I later learned that this powerful geometric symbol is found throughout the garden. The Vesica Piscis symbolizes the birth portal; it is the birthing place where people and ideas join in mutual understanding and common ground.

On this cool summer day, I found myself drinking from the wellhead of the Chalice garden. The water is known for its healing properties. For a short time, we sat on the highest hill of the garden reflecting and reading. It was heaven on earth.

After a long day, we had one last place to visit, The Glastonbury Tor. Tor is a local Celtic word meaning conical hill. I should have been excited about the seeing the Tor because Archangel Michael is my spirit guide, but I wasn’t. Maybe I was sensing the dark side of the Tor. During the Dark Ages it was place of economic and cultural deprivation and later a place of executions. But it is also known as a holy hill, the home of the King of Fairies and at one time the home of the Medieval St. Michael’s Church. From our cottage we had an excellent view of the Tor, and I knew that I didn’t need to climb it. I had received the healing I needed. Catrina and Pawel had climbed the hill before and told me that it was a long and in some places a difficult climb, but they wanted to do it again. SeDona and I opted out and spent the evening having a fantastic dinner at a local restaurant.

Later that night I listened as Pawel and Catrina talked about their experience of climbing the Tor for a second time. I distinctly got the impression that the second climb was not as enjoyable as the first. They too, I believe had reached a high saturation of energy and now needed rest. The photo to the left is Pawel standing in front of the Tor.

At last we had come to end of this mystical journey, and as they say in Glastonbury, “May the Spirit of Avalon Be with you!”

Thursday, September 9, 2010

How the Mounds Got So Big

A Continuation from previous blogs about Glastonbury.

As a child, like most children, I loved to play in dirt and probably ate a good amount of it in the process. And I distinctly remember piling dirt on top of dirt, making a huge pile of nothingness and I was happy. Little did I know at the time that I was just acting out an ancestral peculiarity. Our ancestors made mounds, some very colossal ones. While touring in Wiltshire, UK, we stopped for a short time at Silbury Hill. It is one of largest man-made mounds in Europe.

Archaeologists, scientist and other investigators don’t know the purpose of Silbury Hill. At one time they thought that it was a massive burial tomb, but after digging channels into the hill, they couldn’t find any human remains.

There are quite a few of these mounds in the United States that date back to prehistoric times. The Great Serpent Mound in Ohio is 1300 feet in length and at the serpent’s head it appears to be swallowing an egg or an oval shaped object.  Also on the day of the summer solstice, the serpent’s head is aligned to the sunset. Like Silbury it is a place of power and healing.

I have my own theory about the purpose of  mounds. It’s nothing scientific or historical. I think the people created the mounds to remind them to stay in alignment with the Earth. Maybe it was all about something as simple as play. Getting your hands into the dirt and becoming one with it. So, when things got tough or hard, they could look up at these massive hills and say, “Aha, let’s play in the dirt.” They were children again and the Creator was the Father/Mother God. Knowing and believing that the Creator would take care of them. So more dirt would be piled onto the hill and happiness was restored throughout the land. And that’s how the mounds got to be so big.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Stone Circles Communicating with God

This is a continuation from 2 previous blogs:

By the time we reached the second part of our journey to Avebury and Stonehenge, I was still floating in a consciousness of spiritual bliss and awareness. Both Avebury and Stonehenge are circles of stones constructed during the European Neolithic period. For years I thought Stonehenge was the oldest stone circle, only to discover on this trip that Avebury is the oldest stone circle in the world.

My granddaughter SeDona asked, “What’s the big deal about some old rocks?” She stood next to one of the oldest and largest stones in the cirlce. I took off my crop circle pendant I had just purchased at the tourist shop and used it as a pendulum. Everyone watched as the pendant began to move quite rapidly clockwise. “Look at the energy that is emitting off this stone after thousands of years.” I replied to her. “I know you might find this hard to believe, because you think that these are just some old rocks strew over the land. But, the stone builders of that time period, used Neolithic technology to strategically placed at least 100 of these gigantic stones here, They form a circle or sphere-- the same symbol that represents the Source, and  this stone circle is on the St. Michael’s ley line. I believe it was their way of communicating with God.”

“Okay, you believe they put them here to communicate with God, but how ?” SeDona continued to question me as the other walked ahead of us. She was asking all the right questions. I just didn’t have a definitive answer.

“Scientists, historians, archaeologists and others have yet to discover the secrets of these sites. But they do know the builders were highly skilled and had an advance technology that we don’t possess. If we can solve the mysteries of these ancient sites, we could possibly unlock a floodgate of information about the Earth and Universe that could help humanity and the planet to get back on the right path of light.”

“So, why are we here?”

“We are spiritual seekers. You’re the future and I’m your teacher for this part of your spiritual journey.And it is important for you to know these things now.“
Putting her arm through mine, we walked across the road to join the rest of our group as they walked around the Avebury circle. We stopped to watch a group of spiritual seekers doing a ritual at one of the oldest stones of Avebury. John told us that many of the original stones had disappeared or were destroyed by the Christians in earlier centuries to do away with the Pagan religion and also later farmers needed the land for agriculture and the stones to build homes. Just 27 of the original stones were still there, the others were replacements to show how the two inner and one outer circle looked. It was later through research that I discovered Dr. William Stukeley, an antiquarian who frequently visited the site in the 1720’s. He thought that the original design of Avebury was suppose to be the body of a serpent, passing through a circle, forming a traditional alchemical symbol. By now SeDona was anxious to see Stonehenge. She had viewed it so many times on the screensaver on my computer.

Stonehenge was a short distance away. Unlike Avebury where it is relatively free of crowds and you could walk up and touch the stones, mobs of people greeted us at the most famous stone circle of them all--Stonehenge. Years ago, I had visited the circle and was disappointed to discover I couldn’t touch the stones and this rule still applied. They were roped off and now the ropes kept us even further away from the stone circle. Like Avebury, many of the stones are missing. However, there are diagrams in the store and on the walkway to the circle to show you what it could have possibly looked like. The greatest mystery about Stonehenge is how the Stonehenge builders transported those mammoth stones to the area from 25 miles away. Additionally, what was the function of this circle? Some believe that is was an astronomical observatory, a healing place, or a religious and burial site. No one really knows. However, Stonehenge with all its mystery is revered by people all over the planet. They come in large numbers during the winter and summer solstice to experience the energy of the place. Groups are allowed into the inner circle for this event.

At the end of the day, John surprised us with a third crop circle. Since the owner prohibited people on his land, we couldn’t enter it. Nevertheless, John drove us to a place where we could look down on the circle as if we were getting an aerial view. Fantastic!

Returning to the cottage, the beautiful cat greeted us with her meows. I smiles as I reached down to pet her. I was still floating in love. Tomorrow, we would explore the town of Glastonbury on our own, the third point on the right triangle and on the St. Michael’s ley line.

P.S. John told us don’t be surprised if we have unusual dreams or other experiences. That night my granddaughter dreamt of a white horse and the next night she saw an owl outside of her window. I interpreted her dream and sighting of the owl as her two animal guides representing strength and wisdom. These two would assist her on her spiritual journey. *Wiltshire has 13 chalk carvings of white horses on hills around the countryside. Only the Uffington white horse is of prehistoric origin, being some three thousand years old. The others are around 300 years old. The residents of the area take great pride in these horse carvings. By now I’m pretty sure that my granddaughter and I had a past life time in this area together. It also explains why I have since childhood had an obsession with the name Michael and Archangel Michael is my spiritual guide. But what prevented me from going to St.Michael’s tor the next day?

To be continued…