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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mystical Experiences in Glastonbury

I'm back in the US and I'm exhausted, but feeling exhilarated. You'll find out why as I shared my story with you. Originally, I had plan to blog about my spiritual journey into the mystical world of crop circles and other energy power points in Glastonbury and London, but as you know that didn't happen. Except for one or two emails to my family, I returned to paper and pen. Here are my reflections of an incredible journey that helped me to get in touch with my energetic body and vibrate with an energy that I knew existed but had never experienced at this profound level.

The Beginning:

Once arriving at the Heathrow airport in the UK two weeks ago, my granddaughter SeDona and I met my friends, Catrina and Pawel from the Netherlands, at the Paddington train station. We still had to catch 2 more trains and a lift (taxi) to arrive at our destination --the Honeysuckle Farm Cottages in Glastonbury.

As we approached Glastonbury from Castle Carey train station by lift (taxi), I began to sense this change in the energy frequency of the area. I felt as thought I had gone through a portal or gateway to another dimension. Words can’t accurately describe this frequency of energy, except to say everything was beautiful and I felt this deep love for everything and everyone.

At Honeysuckle farm we were greeted by the owner and two large cats that looked as if they had just returned from war. Having been scratched and attacked by cats as a child, I tend to avoid them. Of course, they ran up to me, circling my legs and began to meow, showing sharp teeth. My usual response of chills running through my body and wanting to get as far away as possible from them didn’t happen. I found myself petting the cats. What happened to the fear? I asked myself later.

Originally, my small group and I had planned to visit the crop circles and other sacred sites by car the following morning. We had rented a car in advance and just had to pick it up the next morning. Catrina with much trepidation was designated as our driver. She hadn’t been behind a wheel of a car in over two years and wasn’t used to driving on the left side of the road. Neither Pawel nor I had any experience with the steering wheel on the passenger side of the car or left road driving. Nevertheless, we were determined to go forth with our plans. However, the ENERGY FORCE of this special place had a different plan for us.

On the table in the vestibule of the cottage were several cards and jumped out at me—written in bold letters were the words ‘rent a driver.’ I knew it was late in the day to even think of making any changes, but I shared my thoughts with Catrina and Pawel. They were concerned about rental car cancellation fees and hiring a tour driver for the following day? After Catrina made several calls, we were able to cancel the rental car without accruing any debts and we were placed on the schedule of the Divine Light Tours for the following morning.

The next day turned out to be more than delightful; it was divine. Our guide, John Flanagan, a teacher and healer, showed us places and shared mystical information about them that left on our own we would have never experienced. And at the end of the day, I was still in love with the cats.

To be continued…The burial chamber and crop circles

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