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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Glastonbury-My Heart Will Go On

As John and I walked down the path to the car, I shared with him, in between my sobs, what had happened to me in the mound. He told me I had released the grief  I had been carrying around for a long time. While we rode to another crop circle, I couldn’t shake the deep depress state I was in. My vacation is ruined, I thought. To add to my misery, once we got to the crop circle, we discovered it was located at the top of a hill.

After fifteen or more minutes of a steady upward climb, John found an opening into the crop circle and led the way in; I followed still dealing with my emotional pain. What happened next, I don’t know how to describe it, but I will do my best, because it was truly a mystical and healing experience. Of all the sacred sites I have visited around the world, this experience will always rate as the most profound and life changing one for me. And it was all so quick and simple. I stepped into the crop circle and I felt as though I had stepped into another space and time. Everything looked the same, but I immediately felt different. The heavy, depressed grief and sadness feeling was gone. Everything was beautiful again. The pure joy was back, filling my mind, body and spirit with bliss. I was so overcome with joy, until I was disoriented and Catrina had to lead me to the center of the crop circle where we discovered bent and twisted grains forming perfect geometric shapes.

There we stayed and meditated, and I thought about the events that had transpired so far. I know it was by Divine Order that I found the card to hire a driver and not any driver but John Flanagan, who knew to take our group to the West Kennet Long Barrow Mound, for it wasn’t on our list of things to do. No one knows who the Circlemakers are. Some say it’s ET’s, others believe that they are manmade and yet others believe they are made by the Divine Mind of God. I don’t know either. I lean towards the Divine Mind. But I do know that my life changed and my energies shifted to a higher frequency in the crop circle. Glastonbury is the Heart charka of the Earth so it makes sense to me that my heart was healed there. In the photo to the left, I'm sitting in the center of a large circle surrounded by 6 small geometric designs. 6 is the vibration of love and nurturing.  Drunvalo Melchizedek, teacher and author of Flower of Life, calls such love energy living from the heart. I also think of it as my heart will go on.

To be continued...Mounds and Stone Circles

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