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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Glastonbury-My Heart Will Go On

As John and I walked down the path to the car, I shared with him, in between my sobs, what had happened to me in the mound. He told me I had released the grief  I had been carrying around for a long time. While we rode to another crop circle, I couldn’t shake the deep depress state I was in. My vacation is ruined, I thought. To add to my misery, once we got to the crop circle, we discovered it was located at the top of a hill.

After fifteen or more minutes of a steady upward climb, John found an opening into the crop circle and led the way in; I followed still dealing with my emotional pain. What happened next, I don’t know how to describe it, but I will do my best, because it was truly a mystical and healing experience. Of all the sacred sites I have visited around the world, this experience will always rate as the most profound and life changing one for me. And it was all so quick and simple. I stepped into the crop circle and I felt as though I had stepped into another space and time. Everything looked the same, but I immediately felt different. The heavy, depressed grief and sadness feeling was gone. Everything was beautiful again. The pure joy was back, filling my mind, body and spirit with bliss. I was so overcome with joy, until I was disoriented and Catrina had to lead me to the center of the crop circle where we discovered bent and twisted grains forming perfect geometric shapes.

There we stayed and meditated, and I thought about the events that had transpired so far. I know it was by Divine Order that I found the card to hire a driver and not any driver but John Flanagan, who knew to take our group to the West Kennet Long Barrow Mound, for it wasn’t on our list of things to do. No one knows who the Circlemakers are. Some say it’s ET’s, others believe that they are manmade and yet others believe they are made by the Divine Mind of God. I don’t know either. I lean towards the Divine Mind. But I do know that my life changed and my energies shifted to a higher frequency in the crop circle. Glastonbury is the Heart charka of the Earth so it makes sense to me that my heart was healed there. In the photo to the left, I'm sitting in the center of a large circle surrounded by 6 small geometric designs. 6 is the vibration of love and nurturing.  Drunvalo Melchizedek, teacher and author of Flower of Life, calls such love energy living from the heart. I also think of it as my heart will go on.

To be continued...Mounds and Stone Circles

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Power of Sacred Sites--Releasing and Receiving energy

As we rode along the lovely English countryside, we listened as John Flanagan, our tour guide for the Glastonbury trip, explained what he had planned for the day. He was very concerned about getting us to the crop circles, because it was late in the season and the farmers had started  harvesting the crops. After about an hour’s ride or more, we arrived in Wiltshire, a beautiful rural area of the region, where many of the crop circles are found.

I knew from my studies, there have been at least 711 documented crop circles in this area. They appear in the southern part of the UK where two major earth energy lines converge and cross through the stone circle at Avebury, Glastonbury and Stonehenge. In fact these three sacred sites form an equilateral right triangle. Additionally, the area has a high water content making it a perfect transmitter for electromagnetic energy.

John told us that crop circles had been around since the early 1600s, but gained popularity as they began to appeared quite frequently around 30 years ago. The circular designs were simple, but now they had evolved into more intricate and captivating patterns. As he was talking my heart was bursting with joy. Soon every word that came out of my mouth was full with love for everything. I would blurt out, “Look at that tree. Isn’t it beautiful? The flowers are fantastic. I love that horse.” I couldn’t stop. It was if I was seeing the trees, flowers and animals for the first time in my life.

We would have never found the crop circles, if left on our own. The first one we visited was quite a distance from the road. After a ten to fifteen minute walk up a steep path, we came to the formation. Walking through it is much different from looking at it from an aerial view. I was apprehensive as well as excited. Having heard that many unusual occurrences have happened to people in the circles: the lost of time, watches stopping, cameras not working, healings, lights flashing and etc. Well, none of those things happened to my group, I thought at the time. We spent some time sitting in the circles and meditating. If I thought I was happy before entering the circle, I was giddy after experiencing the energy of the circle.

The next stop was a place I had never heard of, but John told us it was important that we visit the West Kennet Long Barrow, a Neolithic burial chamber. There are several of these burial mounds in the Avebury area. The West Kennet was constructed around 3600 BC before Stonehenge and was in use for clan burials until 2500 BC. John explained that it was a place of release of emotional trauma and he had seen some pretty amazing things happen to people who he had bought to the chamber. Then he would take us to the next crop circle where we would receive something. I was still vibrating in pure joy and wanted to go directly to the crop circle, forget the chamber. He mentioned there were several cavities in the chamber and we should go to the back one. Oh, here we go. I have to trample through some dark cave. This wasn’t on my agenda. I thought.

John went ahead of us to light a candle. The first to go in, I went straight to the  chamber where the light of the candle greeted me. Standing there, I felt the happiness began to ooze out of my consciousness. I dreaded going further into the chamber. But after a short prayer, I returned to the front of the chamber looking for the entrance to the rest of the mound. Both sides of the entrances were blocked. I returned to the back chamber and realized this was the place John wanted us to be. Catrina and Pawel were standing in front of the candle in a silent meditation. Eventually, I felt the presence of my granddaughter in back of me. Thoughts of a past life time with Catrina and Pawel floated through my consciousness. I was a witness to their marriage. Then, I was chasing someone through the blocked chambers. It was my deceased son. He was running away from me. Finally, he stopped and a flash of white light illuminated him. He said, “I’m happy.” And just as quickly as the light had come he was gone. And I knew not to follow him. Another flash of white light and I saw other departed family members who voiced the same message.

Tears ran down my face.. Leaving the chamber my heart was heavy with grief. The giddy joyous feeling was gone. I sat on the outside of the mound thinking. Why did John bring us to this place? It only trigger my grief. At the time I didn't understand, but later all was revealed to me. I owe John and his spirit guides a depth of gratitude for their guidance.

To be continued...
* Photos by Pawel Debik
*John Flanagan of

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mystical Experiences in Glastonbury

I'm back in the US and I'm exhausted, but feeling exhilarated. You'll find out why as I shared my story with you. Originally, I had plan to blog about my spiritual journey into the mystical world of crop circles and other energy power points in Glastonbury and London, but as you know that didn't happen. Except for one or two emails to my family, I returned to paper and pen. Here are my reflections of an incredible journey that helped me to get in touch with my energetic body and vibrate with an energy that I knew existed but had never experienced at this profound level.

The Beginning:

Once arriving at the Heathrow airport in the UK two weeks ago, my granddaughter SeDona and I met my friends, Catrina and Pawel from the Netherlands, at the Paddington train station. We still had to catch 2 more trains and a lift (taxi) to arrive at our destination --the Honeysuckle Farm Cottages in Glastonbury.

As we approached Glastonbury from Castle Carey train station by lift (taxi), I began to sense this change in the energy frequency of the area. I felt as thought I had gone through a portal or gateway to another dimension. Words can’t accurately describe this frequency of energy, except to say everything was beautiful and I felt this deep love for everything and everyone.

At Honeysuckle farm we were greeted by the owner and two large cats that looked as if they had just returned from war. Having been scratched and attacked by cats as a child, I tend to avoid them. Of course, they ran up to me, circling my legs and began to meow, showing sharp teeth. My usual response of chills running through my body and wanting to get as far away as possible from them didn’t happen. I found myself petting the cats. What happened to the fear? I asked myself later.

Originally, my small group and I had planned to visit the crop circles and other sacred sites by car the following morning. We had rented a car in advance and just had to pick it up the next morning. Catrina with much trepidation was designated as our driver. She hadn’t been behind a wheel of a car in over two years and wasn’t used to driving on the left side of the road. Neither Pawel nor I had any experience with the steering wheel on the passenger side of the car or left road driving. Nevertheless, we were determined to go forth with our plans. However, the ENERGY FORCE of this special place had a different plan for us.

On the table in the vestibule of the cottage were several cards and jumped out at me—written in bold letters were the words ‘rent a driver.’ I knew it was late in the day to even think of making any changes, but I shared my thoughts with Catrina and Pawel. They were concerned about rental car cancellation fees and hiring a tour driver for the following day? After Catrina made several calls, we were able to cancel the rental car without accruing any debts and we were placed on the schedule of the Divine Light Tours for the following morning.

The next day turned out to be more than delightful; it was divine. Our guide, John Flanagan, a teacher and healer, showed us places and shared mystical information about them that left on our own we would have never experienced. And at the end of the day, I was still in love with the cats.

To be continued…The burial chamber and crop circles

Friday, August 6, 2010

Cardinal Crisis in the Galactic World--Are the gods at War?

I’m not an astrologer, but I like to keep up with what’s going on in the Galactic world.  Additionally, numerology and astrology are sister sciences. This has been a frenetic winter and interesting summer for astrologers with the eclipses and now the Cardinal Crisis. This cardinal energy means that because of how the planets line up, we will experience personal and social changes. For example, Misty Kuceris, a Certified Astrological Professional, writes in Pathways, a New Age resource guide that “Considering what the world has been going through, it makes sense that we are about to enter a Cardinal Crisis which forces us to look at old systems and determine new ways to do things so that we are no longer injured by the old systems.” I thought about the publishing industry and how the digital system (eBook) is bringing upheaval to traditional print. Many large chain bookstores are seeking bankruptcy, closing their stores or looking for a buyout. Publishing firms had to restructure their publishing model to stay in the game.  The cardinal energy requires that we reflect on the past, do things different for the future and take action. Personally, this all makes sense to me as I go chasing after crop circles and Circlemakers. To learn more about the Cardinal Crisis and how it will affect you, I recommend that you visit Ms. Kuceris’ website and Susan Miller at

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Spiritual/Galactic Teachers are calling.

As I prepare emotionally and mentally for my spiritual quest, I thought about the old adage that says: When the student is ready the teacher will appear. I used to think that meant you would encounter a person, like a guru or Master, who would teach you the secrets of the Universe. Sometimes it happens that way, but I have discovered a teacher can appear in many different forms.

For me, books have always played a significant role in my life. In last week’s blog, I mentioned that I had read Barbara Hand Clow’s book, Alchemy of Nine Dimensions: Decoding the Vertical Axis, Crop Circles, and the Mayan Calendar, ( Her name appeared, among many other names, on a website where I was reading about crop circles. Several days later, I was in the metaphysical section of a bookstore when Clow’s book jumped out at me. Picking up the book, I felt an energy quiver that I get, when I know I have to have a certain book or object. As I explore unchartered territory, the book has been invaluable for me.

Several times Ms. Clow referred to Freddy Silva in her book and recommended his book, Secrets in the Field: the Science and Mysticism of Crop Circles. I chuckled to myself. This was definitely an “aha” moment. Four years ago, I attended the International Conference of Science and Consciousness in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Mr. Silva was a presenter. His topic—crop circles. Sitting on a shelf in my library was Mr. Silva’s book where I had placed it since the conference. I wasn’t ready then and I know why. I was still grieving the transition of my son and carrying other baggage. Nothing else could penetrate those deep emotional layers of unresolved feelings. I had to face my issues to move forward on the Path of Initiation as described by Vera Stanley Alder in The Initiation of the World:

The Path of Initiation is the way along which all evolution travels. It is the long, slow road of development, punctuated at intervals by milestones witnessing moments when a definite expansion of consciousness, a definite step forward, was reached. These milestones are known as Initiations. They are arranged and planned in a steady sequence, which brings the consciousness gradually along to the point where it can be turned up to vibrate at a higher rhythm. All the kingdoms of nature are moving inevitably and steadily along this well-worn Path, although in the general way so slowly that progress is difficult, from our own angle of vision, to observe.

As we move closer to 2012, and as our lives and the world seems to spin out of control we are, in fact, feeling  the impact from the shift in consciousness to those higher vibratory levels. Don’t despair, because Universal Spiritual/Galactic teachers are making their presence known in many shapes and forms to assist us. The key is to be able to recognize their calling card and respond no matter how “crazy” it might be. Remember, they put circles on the hood of my red car, and now I’m off for a spiritual adventure.