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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Movie The Inception is a Mind Blower

The interesting thing about the movie industry is that the creators rarely make anything original. It’s always the same storyline in the majority of the movies. You have Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s journey as the main theme amidst wonderful cinema effects.  And if you watch closely enough, you’ll notice that even some of the sets are the same. I thought that the Matrix and Avatar stepped out of the mold, but they really didn’t. But, a movie has come along and broken the mold—Inception. The directing by Christopher Nolan is superb and Leonardo Di Caprio is long overdue for an Oscar. The movie has all the right ingredients of action, romance and suspense. In fact, I recommend that you get to the theatre early and be fully rested. You don’t want to take your eyes off the screen or miss a line in this movie or you’ll be lost. So, no bathroom breaks even though it is two and half hours long. I want to see it again because of all the symbolism and truths about reality, dreams and mind programming by the media and others. It will have you questioning your own thinking, dreams and reality. Hollywood has finally stepped up to the plate and hit a homeroom for originality.

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