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Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Hopi Prophecy signs and the Number 4

As I delved deeper into the Hopi Prophecy, I became aware of the significance of the number 4 and its relationship to the prophecy. 4 is the vibration of structure, balance, and order. The Hopi prophecy is about how the structure of the Earth was built according to divine order and harmony and should be maintain. But man came and destroyed that order and balance.

The Hopi believed there have been four previous worlds that were destroyed as part of a purification process to cleanse the world from greed and destruction. They also believe that there are four main races or colors (red, black, white and yellow) as part of the fourfold creation process such as the four guardians, four directions, four seasons, and four elements. Each of the four races had a responsibility to maintain the divine order of harmony and balance on Earth, but they failed. The present world is ruled by the white race and the prophecy gives the signs we are to watch for to determine whether we are following the red road of balance and harmony or the black road of destruction and greed.

 There are nine signs to be fulfilled and when they are all met this fourth world will end and a fifth world will begin. Now here's your homework, go find the signs. I recommend the 1963 book, The Book of the Hopi by Frank Water. The signs were relate to him by White Feather of the Bear Clan of the Hopi tribe. Here's one of the seven signs on the Hopi prophecy stone: It tells of the sea turning black, and many living things dying. This prophecy has become a reality with the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and the many other oil spills that have taken place worldwide.

Please watch the videos from an overseas' show interviewing Hopi Elders, Floyd Red and Oren Lyons . The Hopi ask that you hold to a spiritual practice that allows you to honor and love the land maintaining the Divine Order of Spirit.

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