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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Hopi Prophecy a Message for You and Humanity

While talking to a friend the other day about the BP Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexcio, I happened to mention the Hopi prophecy. She asked me about it. She knew about the Mayan Calendar and the significance of 2012, but hadn’t heard about the Hopi prophecy. The Hopi are a Native American tribe of the Four Corners area of the Southwestern United States. Their name means “peaceful people.” Their prophecy dates back several thousand years as an oral tradition.  Part of the prophecy is recorded on a sacred rock that has a pictogram of events. The Hopi prophecy tells about the two roads that humankind can choose to travel: the red road of spirituality and attain harmony with the Earth or the black road of the material world and cause the ruin of the earth. We only have to take an inventory of recent events in the world from the wars, oil spills, natural disasters and financial downfalls to know what road that we as a society are following. The Prophecy also says that there are crossroads where humanity can choose to cross over to the red road. However, we will reach the point of no return. Ask yourself what path you are following, because Individuals may follow the red road, while humanity follows the other road.  The Hopi Elders ask that once you are aware of their prophecy you share it with others to create a consciousness of awareness and understanding. Awareness and understanding can help wake up humanity to choose the red road to bring back harmony and balance to our planet. 

Next blog: a more in depth view of the Hopi Prophecy Stone and its predictions—

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