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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Awakening Consciousness

The next several blogs will be in the form of journal entries. In ten days or less, my granddaughter, SeDona and I will be joining two of my dearest friends for a pilgrimage to the Isle of Avalon or Glastonbury, England. Glastonbury is similar to Sedona Arizona as a New Age place, but it is also very sacred. Historically, it was where the first Christian Church was built by Joseph of Arimatheaea, the uncle of Jesus. It is said that Jesus also visited there and studied with the Druids. Additionally, it was a sacred centre from the Megalithic period 4-5000years ago. In future blogs, I will describe many of these major attractions that impact on my spiritual journey.

It is ironical that Glastonbury with its ancient and sacred sites is only two and half hours by car from London, the seat of western power structures. According to Barbara Hand Clow in Alchemy of Nine Dimensions: Decoding the Vertical Axis, Crop Circles, and the Mayan Calendar, (, “people in power adopted the pyramid, a system that was invented by European aristocrats and has been described well by British researcher David Icke.” ( )You know how pyramids work. Those at the top get rich and those at the bottom stay poor, but do all the work. Humanity has been locked into this material consciousness for thousands of year.

Now a proliferation of crop circles are appearing in the southwest area of England, that may be contributing to the awakening of people at a rapid pace as information comes forth from these geometric forms.

I recently read in Clow’s book and Colin Andrew’s The Complete Idiot’s Guide to 2012: an Ancient Look at a Critical Time that the Circlemakers will call you. ( The geometric shapes on the hood of my red car several times over the years are my calling card. I hope you want to know who the Circlemakers are like the rest of the world. But for now know that they exist and this is not a hoax, although those in power tried to implant thoughts of doubt in our consciousness.

It was no coincidence that a week ago on Yahoo a video appeared claiming that the crop circles were a hoax and manmade. This was an attempt by the dark forces through the media to keep us locked into fear and falsehood and away from the truth. The old energetic structure of power, control and sex is deteriorating, causing the upheaval we are now experiencing. The level of reality that you know every day in the solid or physical world is changing due to the frequencies speeding up as we get closer to 2012. The crop circles are a part of ushering in this new higher energy frequency of truth, love and order in the universe.

I’m extending an invitation to you to experience this journey into higher dimensions with me through this virtual blog tour to the world of crop circles and other sacred sites. Please share this information with others; we need to awaken as many souls as possible.

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