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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Awakening Consciousness

The next several blogs will be in the form of journal entries. In ten days or less, my granddaughter, SeDona and I will be joining two of my dearest friends for a pilgrimage to the Isle of Avalon or Glastonbury, England. Glastonbury is similar to Sedona Arizona as a New Age place, but it is also very sacred. Historically, it was where the first Christian Church was built by Joseph of Arimatheaea, the uncle of Jesus. It is said that Jesus also visited there and studied with the Druids. Additionally, it was a sacred centre from the Megalithic period 4-5000years ago. In future blogs, I will describe many of these major attractions that impact on my spiritual journey.

It is ironical that Glastonbury with its ancient and sacred sites is only two and half hours by car from London, the seat of western power structures. According to Barbara Hand Clow in Alchemy of Nine Dimensions: Decoding the Vertical Axis, Crop Circles, and the Mayan Calendar, (, “people in power adopted the pyramid, a system that was invented by European aristocrats and has been described well by British researcher David Icke.” ( )You know how pyramids work. Those at the top get rich and those at the bottom stay poor, but do all the work. Humanity has been locked into this material consciousness for thousands of year.

Now a proliferation of crop circles are appearing in the southwest area of England, that may be contributing to the awakening of people at a rapid pace as information comes forth from these geometric forms.

I recently read in Clow’s book and Colin Andrew’s The Complete Idiot’s Guide to 2012: an Ancient Look at a Critical Time that the Circlemakers will call you. ( The geometric shapes on the hood of my red car several times over the years are my calling card. I hope you want to know who the Circlemakers are like the rest of the world. But for now know that they exist and this is not a hoax, although those in power tried to implant thoughts of doubt in our consciousness.

It was no coincidence that a week ago on Yahoo a video appeared claiming that the crop circles were a hoax and manmade. This was an attempt by the dark forces through the media to keep us locked into fear and falsehood and away from the truth. The old energetic structure of power, control and sex is deteriorating, causing the upheaval we are now experiencing. The level of reality that you know every day in the solid or physical world is changing due to the frequencies speeding up as we get closer to 2012. The crop circles are a part of ushering in this new higher energy frequency of truth, love and order in the universe.

I’m extending an invitation to you to experience this journey into higher dimensions with me through this virtual blog tour to the world of crop circles and other sacred sites. Please share this information with others; we need to awaken as many souls as possible.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Secrets Unraveled Featured in Black Pearls Magazine

I'm one of the authors featured in the August issue of Black Pearls Magazine. Black Pearls Magazine Literary News features African American books and showcase African American bookclubs. Black Pearls Magazine is a free digital magazine committed to inspire, encourage and empower an international group of readers. Their mission is to provide information that is essential, enlightening and entertaining. Read more at http://www.blackpearlsmagazine/

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Thank you for your support.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Movie The Inception is a Mind Blower

The interesting thing about the movie industry is that the creators rarely make anything original. It’s always the same storyline in the majority of the movies. You have Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s journey as the main theme amidst wonderful cinema effects.  And if you watch closely enough, you’ll notice that even some of the sets are the same. I thought that the Matrix and Avatar stepped out of the mold, but they really didn’t. But, a movie has come along and broken the mold—Inception. The directing by Christopher Nolan is superb and Leonardo Di Caprio is long overdue for an Oscar. The movie has all the right ingredients of action, romance and suspense. In fact, I recommend that you get to the theatre early and be fully rested. You don’t want to take your eyes off the screen or miss a line in this movie or you’ll be lost. So, no bathroom breaks even though it is two and half hours long. I want to see it again because of all the symbolism and truths about reality, dreams and mind programming by the media and others. It will have you questioning your own thinking, dreams and reality. Hollywood has finally stepped up to the plate and hit a homeroom for originality.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Hopi Prophecy signs and the Number 4

As I delved deeper into the Hopi Prophecy, I became aware of the significance of the number 4 and its relationship to the prophecy. 4 is the vibration of structure, balance, and order. The Hopi prophecy is about how the structure of the Earth was built according to divine order and harmony and should be maintain. But man came and destroyed that order and balance.

The Hopi believed there have been four previous worlds that were destroyed as part of a purification process to cleanse the world from greed and destruction. They also believe that there are four main races or colors (red, black, white and yellow) as part of the fourfold creation process such as the four guardians, four directions, four seasons, and four elements. Each of the four races had a responsibility to maintain the divine order of harmony and balance on Earth, but they failed. The present world is ruled by the white race and the prophecy gives the signs we are to watch for to determine whether we are following the red road of balance and harmony or the black road of destruction and greed.

 There are nine signs to be fulfilled and when they are all met this fourth world will end and a fifth world will begin. Now here's your homework, go find the signs. I recommend the 1963 book, The Book of the Hopi by Frank Water. The signs were relate to him by White Feather of the Bear Clan of the Hopi tribe. Here's one of the seven signs on the Hopi prophecy stone: It tells of the sea turning black, and many living things dying. This prophecy has become a reality with the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and the many other oil spills that have taken place worldwide.

Please watch the videos from an overseas' show interviewing Hopi Elders, Floyd Red and Oren Lyons . The Hopi ask that you hold to a spiritual practice that allows you to honor and love the land maintaining the Divine Order of Spirit.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Hopi Prophecy a Message for You and Humanity

While talking to a friend the other day about the BP Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexcio, I happened to mention the Hopi prophecy. She asked me about it. She knew about the Mayan Calendar and the significance of 2012, but hadn’t heard about the Hopi prophecy. The Hopi are a Native American tribe of the Four Corners area of the Southwestern United States. Their name means “peaceful people.” Their prophecy dates back several thousand years as an oral tradition.  Part of the prophecy is recorded on a sacred rock that has a pictogram of events. The Hopi prophecy tells about the two roads that humankind can choose to travel: the red road of spirituality and attain harmony with the Earth or the black road of the material world and cause the ruin of the earth. We only have to take an inventory of recent events in the world from the wars, oil spills, natural disasters and financial downfalls to know what road that we as a society are following. The Prophecy also says that there are crossroads where humanity can choose to cross over to the red road. However, we will reach the point of no return. Ask yourself what path you are following, because Individuals may follow the red road, while humanity follows the other road.  The Hopi Elders ask that once you are aware of their prophecy you share it with others to create a consciousness of awareness and understanding. Awareness and understanding can help wake up humanity to choose the red road to bring back harmony and balance to our planet. 

Next blog: a more in depth view of the Hopi Prophecy Stone and its predictions—

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Global Coherence Initiative for Stress During the Shift

Dear Reader,

I'm a member of the Global Coherence Initiative,  a group that is a science-based initiative to unite millions of people in heart-focused care and intention-to shift global consciousness from instability and discord to balance, and discord to balance, cooperation and enduring peace.I received the following message from them that I would like to share with you.

Dear JJ, 
Some GCI members have commented on the increasing personal stress they are experiencing during the Shift. The Shift is beneficial to the whole and we can help by holding the vision of peace, balance and harmonious connection among people. As we all know, our personal stressors are part of our individual growth and are not occurring just because the Shift is taking place. Since our background is in stress research and coherence-building, we will occasionally provide a few approaches that have proven effective in helping people move more easily through situations that life brings us – challenging, normal or creative. Below is The State of Ease written by Doc Childre to help increase your daily coherence which you can try, if your time and schedule permit. 
The State of Ease

We invite you to read The State of Ease.
For a free download click here

We want to make The State of Ease, which includes the new Inner-Ease™ technique, available to others during the Shift. Feel free to post The State of Ease link or PDF file on your Web site. E-mail it to friends and family, send it to other Web sites and blogs or refer people to

We’re sorry we don’t have the staff to manage submissions of tools and techniques recommended by the GCI membership. We know that many of you have your own ways of managing stress and there are effective options available on the Web.
With genuine care,

The Global Coherence Initiative Staff
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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Get Back in Tune With the Spirit of the Land.

I wonder what would happen if we lived in a world of “no ownership of the land.” Reviewing the history of the United States, you will find the problems with the ownership of land started when the European settlers came to the Americas. They came with a consciousness of land ownership. According to English law, all discoveries were made in the name of the sovereign and all lands belonged to the monarch, to be disposed of at the will of the crown. The natives of the land believed that the land was a part of the universe and belonged to all and individual land ownership didn’t exist, since all were entitled to the fruits of nature. In those days, anyone could live on the land and it would remain in a family’s possession as long as they continued to use it. Once it was abandoned, anyone else could cultivate it. The land belonged to the universe and not man. In 1855, President Franklin Pierce offered to buy the tribal lands of the Suquamis tribe.* Chief Seattle's response illustrated how abhorrent the idea of giving up land was to his people:
The great -- and good, I believe -- White Chief sends us word that he wants to buy land. But he will reserve us enough that we can live comfortably. This seems generous, since the red man no longer has rights he need respect....
      So your offer seems fair, and I think my people will accept it and go to the reservation you offer them. We will live apart, and in peace.... It matters little where we pass the rest of our days. They are not many. The Indians' night will be dark. No bright star shines on his horizons. The wind is sad. Fate hunts the red man down. Wherever he goes, he will hear the approaching steps of his destroyer, and prepare to die, like the wounded doe who hears the step of the hunter....
      We will consider your offer. When we have decided, we will let you know. Should we accept, I here and now make this condition: we will never be denied to visit, at any time, the graves of our fathers and our friends.
      Every part of this earth is sacred to my people. Every hillside, every valley, every clearing and wood, is holy in the memory and experience of my people. Even those unspeaking stones along the shore are loud with events and memories in the life of my people. The ground beneath your feet responds more lovingly to our steps than yours, because it is the ashes of our grandfathers. Our bare feet know the kindred touch. The earth is rich with the lives of our kin.
Chief Seattle's words speaks to the karmic debt that is inherited in the numerical energy of the word land. I wasn’t surprised to find that it has a karmic vibration of 13/4 in both Chaldean and Pythagorean systems of numerology.
The key meaning of the 13/4 karmic debt is to abide by divine order and God's will. Divine order is how God orders things and not man. The karmic debt is that man's destructive nature and greed created imbalances in the very spiritual core of the Earth. In order to erase this debt, humankind has to get back to the consciousness of knowing we are one people of one land that need to work together to protect the land, and to love it. Then the land will provide more than enough for every living creature because that is its spiritual purpose as ordained by the will of God. Humankind is not listening to the cries of the land like the BP oil spill of the Gulf of Mexico or the devastating hurricanes and other disasters . We keep adding more debt. The question is how do we get back in tune with the spirit of the land?
* Present day tribe members live on the Kitsap Peninsula, including Bainbridge and Blake Islands, across Puget Sound from present day  Seattle. The city Seattle was named after Chief Seattle.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

July 4, 1776 Numerical Significance

It has been mentioned in some historical texts that the Declaration of Independence may not have been signed on July 4, but either earlier or later in August of the same year. I am totally convinced that July 4th, was selected because  the forefathers were Freemasons who knew the value of numerology. One only has to examine the dollar bill to discover sacred geometry and numerology. The signing of the Declaration of Independence has the same pattern pointing to higher knowledge through numbers:

                           July 4, 1776

5 is the vibration for change and freedom. Of couse the colonies forever changed, separating from Great Britain and gaining their independence and freedom.

5 men prepared the Declaration of Independence.

5 is the symbol for humanity. When a human figure is stretched out with arms parallel to the ground, a line joining the head to the arms and legs forms a pentagram, the five pointed star. The Declaration stands for the freedom of humanity.

5 in the Tarot Deck  is represented by the Hierophant-the Master teacher rebelling against the staus quo. The colonies rebelled against the rules and regulations of Great Britain.

32 (3+2=5) degree is the normal degrees of the Scotish Rite of Freemasonry.

50th (5+0=5) anniversary of the document on July 4, 1826, Thomas Jefferson and John Adam, both former Presidents and signers of the document died on that day.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Numerology: The Divine Number 7

There is a lot of power in the number 7. The ancients revered this mystic number. When you deal with 7 energy, it will push you to go within, analyze and connect to deeper wisdom. It is multifaceted, dealing with illusions, deceptions, occult, mysteries, healing and cleansing. Called the divine number of God because it represents spiritual creations: the seven-branched Tree of Life, the seven chakras, the Ziggurat (ladder) to Heaven with its seven steps, seven angels, seven churches, seven seals, seven days of a week, the 52 (5+2=7) weeks of a year; the seven days in each Moon phase, seven colors in the spectrum, seven notes on the musical scale, and the seven pointed star and triangle above the square. Is this a coincidence? No, it is sacred geometry. God speaks to us in symbols, geometrical patterns and shapes, and the Universal Laws. The 7 represents those Universal or Hermetic Laws that govern the Universe. They are:
The Principle of Mentalism. All is mind.
The Principle of Correspondence. As above, so below
The Principle of Vibration. Nothing rests. Everything moves.
The Principle of Polarity. Everything is dual, pairs.
The Principle of Rhythm. Everything flows. Tides come in and out.
The Principle of Cause and Effect. Each cause has its effect.
The Principle of Gender. Gender manifests on all planes.
 When you need to figure something out, connect with the 7 energy or someone with a 7 in a prominent place on his numerology chart. He will be a deep thinker and can easily go within to analyze something you have been mulling over for a period of time.  The compound numbers 16 and 25, each add up to 7. The 16 is considered a malefic or karmic mystery. In the Tarot Deck, the number 16 card is represented by a burning tower with people falling out of it. It means that sudden calamities or unforeseen events might happen. Nevertheless, the 7 opens the door to higher knowledge and cosmic wisdom.
Matthew 18:21-22 When Jesus was asked how many times one should forgive he said “seventy times seven.”

Seeker of Sacred Secrets

I don't know if you would call what I have "itchy feet" or maybe just plain curiosity. I call it my destiny. I can readily identify with Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat, Pray, Love, except I wasn't going off because of needing a break from relationships. I need to relish that thrill I get when I unlock the answers to my questions regarding earth's mysteries. I want to walk upon the earth where thousands or maybe million of years ago, the gods walked and created monumental creations, left in time with hidden messages. Touching the stones of Stonehenge once again might jar my memories of lost knowledge. This time, I hope to explore the mysteries of the crop circles. Like others, I want to know who or what is able to create these intricate geometrical shapes within the blink of an eye? What cosmic messages are they trying to convey to us?  According to Andrew Colin, who coined the phrase in 1985, crop circles are circular areas of fattened plants of dramatic and intricate design, normally flattened in a spiraled fashion. The term was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 1997. My first experience with crop circles and their geometries occurred not in a wheat field in the UK or in any other places they have appeared worldwide, but on the hood of my red car. They usually occurred after heavy morning dew or a light snow fall.  After a little research and a sketch of one of the shapes, I found myself climbing Machu Picchu in Peru and flying in a small twin engine plane over the Nazca Lines in the Peruvian coastal plain in 2005. Nazca Lines are a series of ancient geoglyphs. The shapes on my car were different. It wasn't until years later that I discovered they were very much like crop circles. They had the same geometric designs. Then it stopped just as suddenly as the drawings had started until last year. This time, I grabbed my camera and from my bedroom window I took a photo. It’s not the greatest photo, but you can clearly see the shapes.  While reading about crop circles in Synthia and Colin Andrews’ book, 2012: an Ancient Look at a Critical Time, I learned that I was not alone in the unusual way crop circles appear to you.
In 1994, the authors had a visit from an 87-year old Aztec Elder, named Tlakaelel and his guide. I thought it was interesting that his name and my name both end in “el” like the archangels’ name, meaning “One like God.”  While being driven across Mexico, Tlakaelel had a vision of a series of symbols in his head and heard the request: “Find the place of the last ceremonial dance.” With the help of the Andrews, in a most unusual way, he did find the ceremonial place under Silbury Hill in the UK where the crop circle he saw in his vision had recently materialized. I haven’t heard any voice telling me what to find, but the symbols on my car are firmly planted in my mind, as well as the ones I used to visualize many years ago, so I’m off to the UK and Silbury Hill as a seeker of the sacred secrets.