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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

La Catedral de Las Lajas a Sacred Site by Guest Blogger, Pilar de la luz

Pilar de la Luz is a mystic, poetess, healer, and intuitive. I met Pilar many years ago at the Flower of Life workshop given by Drunvalo Melchizedek. Pilar fascinated the group with her knowledge of all things metaphysical and spiritual.  Even though she wasn’t the leader of the group, she was the Hierophant, Master teacher in her own right, lifting our consciousness to higher levels. Today she is my quest blogger sharing with us information about the Catedral de las Lejas. The Cathedral, like other sacred sites, is shroud in mystery.  Welcome Pilar.
La Catedral de Las Lajas
I went to the Catedral de las Lajas (The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Las Lajas) in Ipiales, Narino, Colombia, South America on a Pilgrimage when I was 15 and remember a shed where there were countless memorials left about the many miracles, stories, plaques, canes that occurred there.  Pilgrims, many of them who were Inca Indians,  tell the story of an Inca Indian woman who carried a child of about six or  eight years old on her back on the way to till her fields.  They stopped to rest. The young Indian child, Rosa, who up to that moment had been deaf and dumb (not my words but those used in the original story) suddenly said: "Mother, look at the Mother," pointing to the cave where she was seeing an apparition of Mother Mary . The mother did not see the apparition that first time but later.  You can read the entire story at

This beautiful image of Mother Mary, painted on a rock on the flank of a mountain in a desolate land had the delicate and regal features of an Inca Indian. Was it there from golden ages past? Was it beamed on to the rock at that moment of the resurrection of the child?  Did some unknown artist climb up the gorge to paint Mary there?  No one knows.  One remarkable miracle I heard about in my long ago pilgrimage is that when they were building the cathedral along the very rock where the painting appeared some construction debris hit the painting and some damage was caused .  Every fifty years they have to repaint that small damaged missing portion (earthly paints don't last on rocks forever!) But they never have to paint over the rest of the image as apparently the extraordinary colors (which do not seem to be paint) penetrate the stone at an enormous depth.   

This is just one of the many precious sites and stories of my little country.
The extraordinary gothic cathedral was built at the beginning of the 20th century.  No doubt in an important point of the New Earth Grid. Let us this blessed solstice connect in love to this extraordinary Colombian Cathedral.

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