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Monday, May 17, 2010

You Won't Want To Miss This: The Birth of a New Humanity by Drunvalo Melchizedek

Yesterday, I appeared on Wanda Luv’s blogtalkradio show to talk about my book, Secret Unraveled, and all things metaphysical and spiritual, plus the publishing industry. I had fun discussing all of the above topics. You can download the broadcast at
Wanda, the great hostess she is, asked me all how I got involved with metaphysics. Those of you, who have been following my blogs, reading my books, know the story. For new readers here is the 163 character version: at the age of fifteen I found the book, The Search for Bridey Murphy, by Morey Bernstein, in my public library that set me on the course of my spirituality. You can read the entire story in my eBook, Path to Truth. Email me at, and I will send you a free copy.
 Talking to Wanda and her readers about my spiritual journey, I thought about all the wonderful people and magnificence places I had visited in my lifetime. One person in particular stood out for me-- Drunvalo Melchizedek, teacher and mentor. He introduced me to a wealth of spiritual knowledge and a view of our world that most people have no idea exist. I attended both of his well-known workshops Flowers of Life and Earth/sky, and traveled with him to Peru and Bolivia. I also attended the Sacred Geometry Conference in Sedona, Arizona where he was a presenter. So, I have a history with Drunvalo.
 He has an upcoming World Wide Web broadcast, The Birth of A New Humanity on May 26, 2010, that I am encouraging everyone to watch.  Hear the message for yourself regarding the fall of Atlantis and its effect on our present day existence; the descend and ascend of human consciousness; and humanity beyond 2012.  What I love about Drunvalo is that he is a masterful storyteller and lecturer offering scientific, historical and philosophical proof of his facts. Go to the following website to register>  You won’t want to miss this.

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