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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Secrets Unraveled

Last night I watched Glee, a musical comedy that follows an optimistic high school teacher as he tries to transform the students of the Glee Club. One of the lines that he said in the show last night stuck with me. You can either become a star by following your dream or let it fall into a black hole.  At nine years old, I wanted to be a writer but as the years came and went, I fell into that black hole. Now I’m a baby boomer and when I retired I resurrected my dream of being a published author and seeing my books on a bookshelf in a major chain store. My dream came true in 2005, and with it came a lot of life lessons. I learned that you have to really believe in yourself and your dream against all odds or the black hole will swallow you and your dream. Black holes are like shape shifters. You never know what form they may come in. This became the theme of my new book, Secrets Unraveled. Margaret Pierce, the main character, believes that God talks to her and told her to preach and heal, but somewhere along the way she fell deeply into a black hole. She needed more than a helping hand; she needed deliverance from a force so strong it threatened to destroy not only her dream but her. Find out if Margaret was able to get out of the black hole when you purchase Secret Unraveled online, in electronic format, or at all major bookstores. 
Ten percent of the proceeds go to Neurofibromatosis Inc. in memory of my son, Antoine Aparicio (1984-2001). Thank You.

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