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Monday, May 24, 2010

Gratitude List for the Birth of a New Book.

If I may use the analogy, I’m like a mother waiting impatiently to birth the baby, but in my case it is a book. I’m having false labor pains. I thought the book was going to be released last week, but evidently, the Universe has other plans. The day and time isn’t right yet.  Every birth is different so is every new release.  Everyone is asking when is the due date? Is everything alright? I reply nicely, “A couple of more days.” The days have turned into weeks, I brace myself as I think about all the positive things surrounding the birth of a new book. So, here’s my Gratitude list for my new soon to be new release, Secrets Unraveled.
1.  I’m grateful for all those who have inquired by phone, email or on Facebook about Secrets Unraveled.
2.  I’m grateful for Jessica Tilles of the Writer’s Assistant for the cover design.
3.  I’m grateful for the editors.
4.  I’m grateful for the pre-readers and the valuable advice they gave me.
5.  I’m grateful for social media and the networking it has allowed me.
6.  I’m grateful for fortitude to see this project through.
7.  I’m grateful for the characters who let me share their stories.
8.  I’m grateful for all the technological support for my web presence.
9.  I’m grateful for all those who promised to support me and buy the book.
10.I’m grateful for living my dream, because this is a path with a heart.

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