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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sarah Palin- Check Out Her Numbers, They Don't Lie

Sarah Palin is everywhere. The news media can’t get enough of her. You either hate or love her. What makes her so newsworthy? I decided to look at her birth date and her maiden name using the Pythagorean modern system of numerology to find out what Sarah Palin is really about. Numbers don’t lie. I also took into consideration the change in her vibration once she married.
                        Sarah       Louise         Heath
                        11918    363915     85128
                        20=2         27=9 24=6      17=8 Destiny number
                                                        71395                                                                                              25=7      18=9 Destiny number   
With an 8 destiny number, Sarah is all about the money, fame and power. Do not underestimate her ability to overcome obstacle in her climb to the top. What she lacks in experience and political knowledge, she has great inner strength and drive. In the tarot deck, the symbol for 8 is strength and courage. She will wait patiently for her plans to unfold. To many it might look as if she doesn’t have a plan and is all fluff, but they are so wrong and in time, as time is on her side, she will prove it. Unless, she succumbs to greed.  With an 8 destiny, money will be very important to her and she will feel as if she never has enough. Her pursuit of money will derail her quest for power. Also stubbornness, being ruled by her ego, relying on others to do the work for her and the lack of paying attention to details will either slow down her power and money quest or seriously hinder it. The name Palin vibrates to the compound number 25 and the single number 7, added to her first and second name makes her destiny change to a 9 vibration.  The 9 gives her the world as her platform, but being vulnerable to her enemies. Whether she is vibrating as an 8 or 9, Sarah Palin will get what she wants by catching others by surprise—like her resignation from being the Governor of Alaska to assume a more profitable and visible position as a bestselling author and media Consultant. 9 vibrations are known as the “big brother” or “big sister” of humanity.
Life Path
February   11      1964
2            11      20     =33/6                        
33/6 Life path
11/2 Birth number
The master number 33 is not an easy life path. It requires that the soul put others first by demonstrating love and compassion for all.  Those born under this master number should be devoted to service and not money and power. It is no surprise that Sarah Palin has a special needs child.  Her inner spirit is one of a teacher and healer. Her family is very important to her. Her goal should be to become a citizen of the universe for the people and by the people and not just for money, power, or a political party.
Sarah’s birth number, 11, is also a master number. The 11 will test her honesty and sincerity, especially as she pursues her political career. Her house will fall if it is not built on truth.  There will be hidden trials and treachery surrounding her. Her question will be, “Who can I trust?” In Sarah’s case as one door closes another will always open, because her birth number is the cycle of new beginnings. Eventually, Sarah will have to ultimately choose between the high road or the low road.

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