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Monday, April 12, 2010

A Colorless Society: a Parody

I asked myself what would happen if we lived in a colorless society. We wouldn’t have to check a box on the census form to determine who we are. The president wouldn’t have to pretend he is solely African American based on the one drop of black blood rule created during slavery, denying the existence of his mother’s family.  In a colorless society, we wouldn’t’ be judged by the color of our skin when applying for a job and housing. There wouldn’t be any racial profiling or racial crimes as seen in Spike Lee’s movie, Do the Right Thing,  that came out in 1989, but speaks volumes about what is happening in our society today.  
 I just finished reading the book, Don’t Bring Home a White Boy: and Other Notions that Keep Black Women from Dating Out, by one of my favorite authors, Karyn Langhorne Folan.  Just the title of this book should have you curious about the content. It is the subtitle that says it all. There are old beliefs or notions that keep some black women from interracial dating, and especially in today’s racial charged climate. But in a colorless society we don’t have that problem. You can date whomever you want to because we are all the same---spirits made in the image of the Creator. The body is our space suit to inhabit this planet. We change it every time we visit this planet; sometimes we wear a black, brown, white or yellow one. But the spirit always remains the same. I heard through the spiritual grapevine, that the Creator is thinking about changing all those old ones for a new one---it’s colorless.
Oh no, I hear a ringing. It’s my alarm clock. Looking at my brown arms, I realized I was back into my color space suit and have to check the race box on the census. I’m not into politics, so I can check several of these boxes. I’m not leaving out any of my ancestors.   

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