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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Angels, Poetry and Prose

Thank you for being our guardian angel!
Having come to our rescue in our time of need.
Angels love people as parents love children,
Nor could we a better have found of the breed,
Knowing how hard such a one is to wangle!
Yet you, with your wings and your halo half-hidden,
On us have descended with glory unbidden,
Undoing the darkness our fate had decreed.
One evening while doing my power walk at the track, I was asked by several children to retrieve a ball that one of them had kicked accidentally onto the grassy area of the track over a high wrought iron fence. Looking into their pleading faces, I decided to retrieve the ball. I had to step onto the grassy area that was overgrown with weeds and tall grass. A little apprehensive about stepping into this miniature jungle, I hurried to get the ball. Putting my keys into my pocket, I picked up the ball and tossed it toward the fence. It bounced off the fence. Laughing at my folly, I tried again and again. Finally, moving closer to the high fence, I managed to get the ball over it. 
As I turned to resume my walk, I put my hand into my jacket pocket and my keys were gone. I had dropped them somewhere in the grass.  I screamed out to the children, I had lost my keys. They tried to help me but there was little they could do standing on the other side of the fence.  I looked around the area and was unable to locate them.  I soon became frightened and worried, because both my car and house keys were on the same chain and dust was settling in. Soon a couple of adults on the other side of the fence offered to help. One went to get a flash light.  I stopped searching and called out, “Angels I need your help.”  I had no more uttered the words when I turned around and saw my keys lying in the grass a few feet away from me.  Elated I grabbed them, and the children, who never left the fence, screamed in delight. Indeed, angels do come to our rescue in time of need. Thank you angels, I love you….

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