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Monday, March 22, 2010

Zero Point Energy Wand--The Jury is Still Out on This One

I’m so excited. My friend James and his wife, Vicky are on their way to my house from Jersey to demonstrate the Zero Point Energy Wand. Since receiving it a couple of weeks ago from Amega Global that manufactures the wand and other similar products, they have been using it on friends and family members. The testimonies have all been positive.
I wrote about the Zero Point Energy Wand and what the company claims that it could do in my February 24, 2010 blog. I recommend that if you’re new to the concept of Zero point energy you read that blog. I’m not one into fads or quick solutions, so I wanted to experience the wand for myself.
Let me state that Amega Global doesn’t claim it can heal.  They state that their wand is made up of a special combination of granulated minerals, processed using their own proprietary technology, AMized Fusion Technology, to resonate at zero-point energy. The Zero Point Energy Wand reminds the cells they are perfect and healthy, creating healing.  This is the same concept of Spiritual Mind Healing except that you use mind control to remind the cells of their perfection.
James could hardly get into the house before he was handing me the wand. He knows how sensitive I’m to energy and wanted to know what I felt holding the silver pen sized wand. Nothing. However, within the hour of handling the wand, I felt a strong energy field in the room. Later I learned that the energy is very subtle and not something that jumps out at you.
I decided to test the wand on Vicky. First I checked whether her chakras or energy centers were opened using my own crystal dowsing rod. Her third chakra was closed; I also picked up that her right side was blocked. Vicky informed me that she had seizures that affected that side of her body. She had been using the wands for a couple of weeks and told me she was in less pain and felt generally better but still had some health issues.
Instead of my usual way of laying of the hands to heal, I used the wand according to the Amega Global’s instructions. Pointing the wand at the area that required healing, I moved it clockwise several times. The instructions say you can do 3 to 18 of these movements. Checking Vicky’s chakras again, not only was the third chakra opened, but her energy field had expanded.
I used the wand on my sinuses, neck and arm, upper and lower back. How do I feel? My congestion and the pain in my body are gone, and I didn’t have to take any medication for my sinuses. I also charged a few of my crystals that I used for healing. I’m not an expert on Zero Point Energy and would welcome others to let me know what they think or have experienced using the wand.
I promised James and Vicky that I would let them know how I am doing in a few days. So, check back to get the results because the jury is still out on this one.   

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