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Friday, March 26, 2010

Zero-Point Energy Wand--The Jury is In.

It has been five days since I used the Zero Point Energy Wand to heal my sinuses, alleviate the pain in my neck and upper and lower back from hunching over a computer for several hours a day. But the wand doesn’t heal. How could I have forgotten that very important fact? It’s a wand, but it’s not magical.
The Amega Global company states very clearly as I have mentioned in previous blogs that the wand doesn’t heal. It is made up of a special combination of granulated minerals, processed using their own proprietary technology, AMized Fusion Technology, to resonate at zero-point energy. The Zero Point Energy Wand reminds the cells of the body they are perfect and healthy, creating healing.
And that’s exactly what it has done for me. It has helped me work on old attached mental stories about my body. For instance, I have a belief that every time the weather changes, I get a sinus headache or congestion. This week the weather changed from warm to windy, rainy and cool. Of course, I had problems with my sinuses. But something different happened this time to me. Instead of getting emotionally and totally stressed with the sinuses, I remained calm and visualized the perfection of the cells in body--knowing that they are intelligent and know how to heal my body. I also was acutely aware of the belief triggering the physical pain and began to release that belief and replace it with the following affirmation—my cells are perfect and by body is healthy, whole and strong. 
Some of us will heal instantly, others it will take time. It depends on our life stories and how deeply those stories and beliefs are entrenched in our consciousness.  The Zero Point Energy Wand does act as a reminder to the body of its perfection. Do I plan to purchase one? Yes, because I would like to work with it over a period of time to find out more about zero-point energy. This is not an endorsement for the Amega Global or their products. If you want more information about the wand go to the website or you may contact Reverend James Artemus at


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