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Friday, March 19, 2010

March 21, 2010 Creative Madness and Spring Vernal Equinox

Another creative power day is fast approaching—March 21, 2010.  It has a double significance because the spring or vernal equinox occurs on the 20th   or 21. This happens when the sun crosses directly over the Earth’s equator. In ancient times, people celebrated this day because it represented the return of the harvest. In Christianity, Easter always falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox. The first day of spring is also the beginning of the Persian New Year celebration, called Nowruz of Zoroastrianism, which last for 13 days. The Great Sphinx, one of the world’s oldest statues was built by the ancient Egyptians according to the position of the sun, especially the vernal equinox.
Astronomy aside, this month is all about creative madness. For a quick review of the dates covered in previous blogs: March 3, 2010, and March 12, 2010, each adds up to 333=9, and offers insight to enhance one’s creativity. 3/3/2010 was about recognizing who you are---a creative child of the universe. 3/12/2010 was about gaining knowledge and the expertise for any creative endeavors.
For March 21, the message is be willing to let go of sensitivity and embrace self-confidence on the path of creativity. There are many outside forces as well as one’s own self-doubts that can stop creative endeavors.  Although each date offers its own unique message, our job is to blend them together and see the whole picture. A creative child of the universe who takes the steps needed to know his or her craft and have self-confidence to see the project through to final victory. The vibration 21 in the Tarot deck is pictured as the “The Universe” promising victory and success.  

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