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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Bridge to Understanding

Has spring really sprung or is this a teaser of what is to come? I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and walk in my favorite garden that has a labyrinth. After a very harsh winter, I was really looking forward to soaking up some natural vitamin D and just being in nature.
To reach the labyrinth, I had to leave the main path and cross over a small bridge. Upon approaching the bridge, I noticed that the old one had been recently replaced. On the wooden handrail was a plaque that said, The Bridge to Understanding.
With that thought in mind, I walked the labyrinth thinking about my latest concern—aging. I’m often told that I don’t look my age, a baby boomer, at least twenty years younger. Nevertheless, my body, mind and spirit tell me something totally different with a new ache in the body or several new gray stands of hair. Where did they come from so fast? It seemed like yesterday I was the young girl riding my bike and letting the wind blow through my long thick, black hair. And now I can’t turn on the TV without noticing the increasing amount of advertisements dealing with anti-aging. Do I really want to go against the natural changes occurring in my body and consciousness?  
Halfway through the walk, my inner voice reminded me that wherever I am in life is where I am supposed to be. It’s all part of the cycle of life of change. The faster I can accept that truth, the better life will be. The answer to my question about aging---I want to age gracefully by doing what’s healthy and best for my body, mind and spirit and not get caught up in this anti-aging fad. We can be healthy and look beautiful no matter what age we are, if we take care of ourselves. I do have to confess, I have great genes. My father, who is 85yrs old, looks twenty years younger also.    
I finished my walk, and as I approached the Bridge to Understanding, I was grateful for the insight I had received.  

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