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Monday, February 15, 2010

What Prosperity Club Are You In?

I hope you spent some time answering the questions I posted in the blog-- Building a Prosperity Consciousness. Those questions will help you to look at your belief system regarding wealth. Sometime in your life you made a choice to be in one of three financial clubs based on those beliefs: The haves, The Have Nots and The In-Betweens—even though you may not be aware of it. You probably selected the club that your parents or family belong to because you have been conditioned to think about prosperity according to their belief system. This is not to say that you can’t move in and out of the different clubs as determined by your consciousness. Let’s look at the clubs:
The Haves
·        Desire abundance
·        Think abundance
·        Focus on abundance
·        Visualize abundance
·        Verbalize abundance
·        See the glass half-full
·        Take responsibility for conditions in life.
·        Take action
The In-Betweens
·        Desire abundance but plant seeds of abundance and lack
·        Think abundance but has doubts and worries about the outcome
·        Focus on how to make things happen
·        Visualize a mixed bag
·        Verbalize doubts
·        See the glass half-full most of the time  
·        Take responsibility for some of the conditions in life
·        Stop just before the goal line
The Have Nots
·        Plant seed of lack
·        Think lack
·        Focus on lack
·        Visualize lack
·        Verbalize lack
·        See the glass half-empty
·        Blame the world for life conditions
·        Wait on others to take charge of their financial woes
Do you recognize the club you belong to? Looking at both your beliefs and the club you belong to, you now have a good idea where you stand according to your prosperity consciousness.  I swing back and forth between the Haves and the In-Betweens. My goal is to stay in the Haves. Knowing there was a consistent negative belief that kept me stuck in the same prosperity pattern, I had to root it out. What helped me to identify it and expand my prosperity consciousness was re-examining the principles in The Secret of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles.
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