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Monday, February 22, 2010

Forty Days to Build a Prosperity Consciousness-Deal or No Deal?

I like to watch the game show, Deal or No Deal. A contestant selects a case that she thinks contains one million dollars. Then she has to select other numbered cases to eliminate all low number amounts in hope that her case contains the million or at least a high amount. After the she selects five cases, the banker offers her a sum of money for the case. The contestant can take the deal or no deal and continue to select cases to win the million.

Let’s play this game Deal or No Deal, only instead of money in the cases, there are positive or negative qualities that will either make your dream come true or not true.

You select a case that you think has the dream you desire, Now all you have to do is to select cases that support that dream such as effort, joy, perseverance, creativity, practice, and positive thinking. But you keep attracting cases containing: fear, doubt, resistance, laziness, disbelief, failure, pain, and competition that stop you from winning the case with your dream.

I’m the banker and this is what I’m offering you: Build a prosperity consciousness.

The banker always gives the contestant an extra incentive with the deal, and here’s one for you. Google says it takes 21 to 28 days to break a habit; however there is no relevant research on those numbers for making major life changes. But we do know that concentrating, practicing, and persevering to manifest your desire will get you the results you want. I’m giving you 40 days to build a prosperity consciousness, deal or no deal?

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