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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

East Coast Snow Storms

I received this question from a reader: “What do you think about the East coast monster snow storms?” I assumed he wanted my spiritual and/or metaphysical opinion.
 Based on the Law of Cause and Effect, there is always a reason for everything. Perhaps the snow storms are caused by El Nino and not a revengeful God.
We can use this time to strengthen family relationships, friendships, and our relationship with The Creator. It’s best to go with the flow in these types of situations that we have no control over.
Sometimes we are put into the survival mode, when the electricity is out, no heat, water is turned off, and food may be getting scarce. It’s the not having control of our lives that can make nerves frail and things go haywire.
The objective is to keep the mind focused on positive thoughts and to remain calm even when the dog is barking and the children are acting out because they’re bored. If you alone and the quietness of the house and everything seem to be closing in, don’t despair—sing. Make your own noise and kick up your heels.    
Remember, this too shall pass.  


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