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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dreams Do Come True

Dear Reader,
 I have to share with you some wonderful news that is the result of using the very creative process that I have been telling you about. I’m so excited because one of my dreams has come true. It was a dream that started when I was a child when my mother and aunts would tell me, my siblings and cousins about our Native American heritage, but no details such as the name of the tribe and where they were located. Back in the sixties every African American would claim a Cherokee grandmother or grandfather. In my teens, I decided to find our lost heritage. It became one of my dreams.
As the years passed, I would work on the family history interviewing family members, traveling to Virginia, the family place of origin, and storing bits and pieces of information away in a notebook. The notebook grew. I always believed that one day I would find out the truth; and even though years would pass.  I never gave up the search in my mind. Then something or someone would come along, and I would start again with as much passion as I had in my earlier years.  
I do believe that The Creator sends you the right person to guide you to the next step on the path, then like an angel he or she is gone. The visualization, the passion, the perseverance, the faith and belief, all the things I have written about to make dreams come true all paid off for me this snowy weekend.  I had discovered the lost heritage months ago, but it didn’t become real to me until I did what writers do, but pen to paper. Surrounded by one huge notebook full of documents, census reports, photos and newspaper clippings, I could connect all the dots (many years of research) and compose a document for my family that will be something tangible for them to have forever and pass down to the next generation.  Dreams do come true!

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