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Friday, January 22, 2010

The Universal Laws and Healing

If you have been following this blog, you know I have been dealing with asthma. Are you wondering how I am feeling now that I uncovered the belief of feeling overwhelmed and restricted? I feel great, but like I said in the previous blog, it is not enough to deal with the thoughts that create diseases; we have to  work also with the laws that govern them in order to heal fully.  
The Law or Principle of Polarity is forever presenting us with thoughts and images that can easily be impressed upon our minds, whether they are negative or positive. Through the Law of Attraction, we attract them to match the ones we are already thinking.
Karmic also plays a major role in our life stories. Nothing happens by chance. Whatever health condition we are experiencing may be deriving from a cause that we cannot perceive or understand in the present life. We are more or less tied to our past lives, heredity, environment and thoughts. Everything we think, say or do has a direct or indirect influence on our health.  Remember Redd Foxx, the actor, who played Sanford on the sitcom Sanford and Son. He was always faking a heart attack, stating he was having the big one. He literally died of one.
Here is a list of the seven Hermetic or Universal Laws that govern all life. However, I recommend the following books for an in depth study of them: The Kybalion by The Three Initiates and Wayne Chandler’s book, Ancient Future
·         The Principle of Mentalism. All is mind.
·         The Principle of Correspondence. As above, so below
·         The Principle of Vibration. Nothing rests; Everything moves
·         The Principle of Polarity. Everything is dual.
·         The Principle of Rhythm. Everything flows. Tides come in an out.
·         The Principle of Cause and Effect. For every action, there’s a reaction.
·         The Principle of Gender. The masculine and feminine principle is in everything.
Dr. Frederick Bailes in his book, Your Mind Can Heal You, describes how the Principle of Mentalism works in accordance with health. Read this repeatedly until you really grasp the concept: It (the One Mind) knows the mechanics of building cells, but it must always follow a plan. It will follow a disease pattern as quickly as it will follow a health pattern. Thus, the person whose thought life is characterized by destructive thoughts, with its fears, hates, grudges, envying; with its discussion of, and absorption in, sickness and sadness, is thus creating a thought-pattern which the ceaseless creative activity of Mind fabricates into disease forms, quite impersonally, but none the less certainly. Our privilege is to take definite steps to change that underlying thought-pattern into one of health, love, peace, and happiness.    
Next step: The Creative Process and Creating Good Health

  P.s. the Law of Attraction is not one of the seven Hermetic Laws, but it can be placed under the Principle of Vibration.

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