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Monday, January 18, 2010

Part II How Your Mind Can Heal You

A week has passed since I felt as though I was catching a cold. I have gone from bad to good and back to bad again. However, looking closer at my symptoms, I realized I was having a recurrence of adult asthma, something I didn’t want to claim. Now it was back to the drawing board to uncover the thought manifesting the asthma.
Someone emailed me a question after reading the previous blog. She wanted to know how do you determine what thought is creating a particular illness. In that blog, I mentioned Louise Hays’ book, Heal Your Body. It has a great section on habitual thoughts that create diseases.  However, I prefer to do automatic writing, going deep within my own subconscious mind to find the answer.    
Automatic writing is an easy procedure to do. It’s best if you’re alone, and it’s quiet. Turn off the phone, TV, radio, computer or anything that is a distraction. I write down my concern in the form of a question. “What is the thought that has now manifested in my body as asthma?” Then I sit quietly, pray or meditate that I may receive an answer from The Creator or one of Her Light beings such as an angel, spirit guide, Master Teacher, ancestor or maybe my Higher Self. Eventually, thoughts flow, and I write them down as quickly as I can. Later I review the information and select whatever resonates with my mind and heart.  
  In this case, I received this response. The thought of being overwhelmed with the duties of life is restricting the life flow. I knew I wasn’t going to heal until I released not only the thought, but also the negative emotions of fear and anxiety giving it power.
It was time for me to take back my power by reviewing the universal laws or Hermetic teachings that govern all life in order to heal. There is no healing modality on Earth that works outside of these laws.

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