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Sunday, January 10, 2010

How Your Mind Can Heal You

As I sit here writing this article on how your mind can heal you, I have to laugh. I’m coming down with a cold or sinus infection, and I’m blogging about healing.  Truth be told, this blog is my reminder that we are constantly bombarded with negative energy, and we need reminders to get us back on the right path. So, stay with me as I look at the first step of how your mind can heal you.

Step one: Any dis-harmony or imbalance in the physical, emotional, and mental bodies comes from a thought form. Ernest Holmes in his book, Science of Mind, describes diseases as “…an impersonal thought force operating through people, which does not belong to them at all. While in every case disease is an effect and must first have a subjective cause, nine times out of ten it is not conscious in the thought of the person who has it. Man is fundamentally perfect.”  
What have I been thinking that is bringing me to the brink of a cold? Or what thoughts have I accepted consciously or unconsciously into my consciousness. I asked myself, “What was going on in my life that I now need to stop, rest, relax or just get in touch with my intuition?”

The holidays were a happy time, but they were also stressful. I had a number of house repairs that needed immediate attention. I saw several news programs about the H1N1 flu shot and the bombardment of T.V. commercials pushing cold and flu medications. When I greeted my father on his 85th birthday, he told me not to get to close to him because he had a cold. I immediately agreed with him and kept my distance.  I even increased the number of times I washed my hands while visiting him.    

Looking back, I realize how important it is to retrace my actions to find the underlying mental state.  I pulled out Louise Hays’ book, Heal Your Body and looked for the mental causation for colds. She states: 
Too much going on at once. Mental confusion, disorder. Small hurts. “I get three colds every winter,” type of belief.

I definitely had a lot of mental confusion going on, and I recognized that I was identifying with a belief that I could catch a cold from someone else. We have been programmed to believe in dis-harmony and imbalance in the physical body since childhood. I’m not picking on my father, but he’s such a perfect example of believing that something outside of himself is responsible for his health. He’s a good man but believes strongly in what doctors tell him.  He constantly tells me as you get older you’re going to get an age related illness, or if I have it, you'll most likely get it.  As a child, I would accept his beliefs, but now as an adult, I shout out lovingly, “Stop! I don’t accept that belief.”  That leads me to step two: On how to change your beliefs and let the process of healing start. Read more in the next blog.     

P.s. I’m feeling better already now that I have identify the thought; going to clean the house and then cook some chicken noodle soup for my body and soul.

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