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Monday, January 25, 2010

Build a Health Consciousness

Reading over Dr. Bailes’ quote in the previous blog, I decided to repeat the last part of his statement, because it is the nuts and bolts of building a health consciousness: Thus, the person whose thought life is characterized by destructive thoughts, with its fears, hates, grudges, envying; with its discussion of, and absorption in, sickness and sadness, is thus creating a thought-pattern which the ceaseless creative activity of Mind fabricates into disease forms, quite impersonally, but none the less certainly. Our privilege is to take definite steps to change that underlying thought-pattern into one of health, love, peace, happiness.    
The first step is an awareness of your thought-patterns, understanding that they create your reality. We discussed that concept in the previous blogs, and I used the example of me attracting asthma because of my thought of feeling overwhelmed and restricted in getting tasks done. The asthma made me take time-outs to rest. Second, you have to know what you desire, or what you want the outcome to be. And that brings me to the third step--The Creative Process, which teaches you how to control your thoughts to manifest what you desire in life. Let's take a look at the basic application:
The Creative Process
(1) Align your mind with the Universal Mind of the Master Builder or Creator, who created the body and therefore, knows how to heal it.  
(2) By means of your conscious mind select thoughts of good health, peace, love and faith. We are like a magnet attracting positive and negative energy to us. (Law of Attraction). This is the thought I now think constantly: I am healthy and balance. I have plenty of energy and time to get everything I need done.
Repeating a positive affirmation will not get rid of the dis-ease. However, it will keep you focused on the right thoughts and in alignment with the universal laws. I once read how Myrtle Fillmore the co-founder of Unity, a church in the New Thought Movement, healed herself of Tuberculosis by repeating affirmations thousands of times.  Mrs. Fillmore, a truth student, knew that the Creative Process operates on the principle of the laws. She built a health consciousness, by staying away from negative thoughts and emotions and flooding her mind with positive affirmations.  
(3) The sub-conscious mind acts on the habitual thought pattern selected by the conscious mind (Principle of Mind). Thoughts that you habitually think become your belief system, causing your sub-conscious mind to act by manifesting according to your beliefs. No matter what the outer appearance of the physical condition, think positive thoughts of the body being perfect.    
The spoken word is also very powerful. Every time you say, “I’m sick, I don’t feel well, or I have this disease.” You’re affirming that condition, and it will continue to be manifested in your life. That’s just how the laws work. . Visualization is a powerful tool to help you create the reality that you want. See yourself healthy and doing the things you want to do in life.    
The book, The Secret, is based on the Creative Process. If you want to know more about this process to use it to create a Wealth Consciousness, I recommend that you read Wallace Wattles’ book, The Science of Getting Rich and my free eBook, PathtoTruth.  

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