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Tuesday, January 5, 2010


My favorite movie is the Matrix, but Avatar is running a close second or maybe even tying with it. I won’t know for sure until I see it again in 3D. What I loved about both movies is that they embody metaphysical and spiritual concepts and symbolism that enhance the main theme. Avatar’s story is not new. We encountered the storyline in Kevin Costner’s Dance with the Wolves and a host of other stories where the hero saves the world and gets the girl. What made Avatar different was the hero wasn’t saving  the USA, but a planet called Pandora. What a perfect name for this movie. Pandora of Greek mythology opened the box and evil came out and what was left was hope. 9KT3U9CYHHDB And the evil that invaded Pandora was greedy Americans bent on destroying the planet and its people to secure and mine a valuable mineral, unobtainium, located on the tribal home grounds.  Avatar is full of political, cultural, social, spiritual, and environmental messages played out against the beauty of Pandora. Even the 10ft-tall, blue striped, green-eyed Na’vi people are beautiful and exotic. Their customs are similar to indigenous cultures such as the praying over killed animals; living in harmony with nature; using plants and trees to heal; singing and dancing ceremonies; demonstrating Oneness; and worshiping a female Goddess. There is so much in this movie that I have yet to tell you about  the dreamwalkers and the Tree of Life.  Go see it and enjoy 2 hrs and 48 minutes of fantastic fantasy, science fiction, adventure, and romance. But most of all you'll get a chance to envision what Earth would be like, if we all lived in harmony and love.

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