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Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 What does it Mean for you?

Worried about the economy, health care, climate changes, jobs, and H1N1 then get ready for a universal year that will challenge you to use your creative abilities to co-create with God a harmonious and balanced world.
 For those new to numerology, a universal year is figured by adding all the numbers of the calendar year together 2+0+1+0=3. By looking at each number in the calendar year, we can interpret how the energies can influence our planet and our lives. For instance, the 2 vibration in 2010 represents the feminine energy (The High Priestess in the Tarot deck) which is the dominate energy for the millennium. The High Priestess is Pista Sophia, wisdom and the subconscious energy that makes dreams come true.  
All of those zeros behind the 2 in this millennium intensify the High Priestess’ energy making her even more potent. For the zero is the symbol for God, The Creator or the All Seeing Eye. It increases the power of any number, for example, 3, 30,300, 3000, etc. The 10  at the end of 2010 is the first compound number of the numerical system and when added together (1+0=1) it becomes the Magician (1) of the Tarot Deck or pioneer, offering many inventions or artistic creations for this year. Also the 10 is the vibration of Fate and destiny. We can only co-create with the Creator and there comes a time when we have no control. We have to align our will with the will of God. Remember 2001, it was a 3 year, and we experienced the devastation of 9/11. Well anything goes in a 3 year, because the energies are scattered all over the place unless we learn how to work with it. It’s that kind of year.   
A strong aspect of the 3 energy is its association with the 3rd chakra located in the area of the solar plexus.  It is the chakra that deals with power or powerlessness, low or high self-esteem and positive and negative emotions.

The negative emotional energy will definitely play out around the 2010 elections as the political parties fight for control and power. Unfortunately this  energy will spill over to the general population citing riots and protests. The lesson for humanity is to get control of their emotional bodies and not let their negative emotions create havoc in their and others’ lives.   
 Climate changes will take front page, forcing us into action to save the planet. The young people will take the lead in creating a better environment. They are fully awake to what it takes to save the planet. 350 is the number we will hear a lot about since many scientists say that we need 350ppm concentration of CO2 in the air  for safety. The 3+5+0=8, is the vibration identified with Earth.
In 2009, the CO2 rose to 390ppm. Look at that number 3+9+0= 12 and 1+2=3. We have the power to use the positive aspect of the 3 energy to create a healthy environment. 
Souls incarnating in this year will be highly intuitive, and the developmental charts will not apply to them. New ones will have to be created. Autism will be on the rise. However, a breakthrough is possible this year due to the heightened energies of people working together to go beyond the normal to create change. This is the year of new inventions and cures for diseases.
        An intense year for those who have 3’s in prominent places on their name and birth charts. If you’re a writer, keep your pen and paper near by because creative ideas will flow like a rain shower. Sci-fi, fantasy, supernatural writers, and screen writers will create unusual books and films.  Those in advertisement and public relations should also do well this year in creating high tech ads.  The key words are imagination and visualization. Use both of them to create or manifest what you desire. The arts will dominate this year with new and extraordinary talent being discovered. 
        The economy will stay unsteady due to the nature of the 3 energy being scattered. Use your mind to create the job or livelihood you desire. Don’t rely on others or the government to provide for you. We are moving forward to an era of high creativity, causing productivity in all fields.
        Once we are aware of the energy we are working with, we can individually and collectively align our thoughts and actions with the Universal Mind for the right manifestations for our spirits and the planet.

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