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Friday, January 29, 2010

Haiti--Its Numbers Tell it All

I was listening to a program on one of the radio stations, and the guest speaker was a professor from a local university in Washington, DC. He was discussing the history of Haiti. As I listened to the heartrending story of this country, I started thinking about its numerical blueprint.

Pulling out my pen and paper that I keep in just about every room of my house, I wrote down three significant dates: 1492, 1804, and 2010. There were plenty more dates to consider in its history, but these three tell the story of Haiti’s mystical journey.  Using the Pythagorean numerology system, I looked at each of these dates in terms of their historical and cosmic effect on Haiti. Just as individuals have a life lesson path, destiny and personal year number so do countries.    

Using the date of Haiti’s independence, January 1, 1804, I was able to ascertain its life lesson path of a 6 vibration. However, it is interesting that the date December 5, 1492, when Christopher Columbia happened upon a large island (now Haiti)  in the region of the western Atlantic Ocean that later came to be known as the Caribbean Sea is also a 6 vibration. There are no coincidences in the universe.  

December 5, 1492         1+2+5+1+4+9+2=24/6                              
January 1, 1804          1+1++1+8+0+4=15/6    

The 6 is the path of idealism, self-sacrificing and love. Haiti was inhabited by the TaĆ­no, Arawakan people. As an indigenous tribe, they embodied all the best qualities of the 6 (I imagine like Avatar): a strong sense of family, protector of the Earth and its beauty, and great nurturers. They lived accordingly to God Divine Plan of peace and harmony. Ruled by the planet Venus, the inhabitants of the island were gifted with artistic abilities of music, and art and the love of beautiful things. You know what happened.  Once westernized and bad leadership, they lost their intuitive nature of living from the heart.  The very soul of the island was destroyed, leaving nothing to support a spiritual intuitive and physical infrastructure.      
On New Years’ Day, January 1, 2010, Haiti entered into a 5 personal year cycle. The 5 vibration is associated with change and balance. And on January 12, 2010, a 7 vibrational day (1+1+2+2+0+1+0=7), Haiti, as you know, was devastated by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake. You might have noticed that the day of the earthquake was a 7 vibration and so was the magnitude of the earthquake. Double vibrations seem to be a part of Haiti's numerical blueprint.

The ancients considered the 7 vibration a mystical number that connects heaven and Earth. There is a need for Haitians to do exactly that by balancing their intuitive wisdom with their logical senses.

The destiny vibration is found in the name. Haiti’s destiny is one of testing for spiritual growth. It will gain mastery through spiritual illumination because it is an 11 Master Number. Was the earthquake like the Tower card in the Tarot-their awakening force?
                H a i  t  i
                8 1 9 2 9=29/11  

 In her book, Master Numbers, Faith Javane states: When the forces of the Eleven become fully operative in people, they have the power to change their environments, to create new conditions, to build new bodies and new lives, all in harmony with the Divine Image in whose likeness they were fashioned in the beginning.  

 The Master number 11 also means new beginnings. Let’s pray that this is Haiti's time to be the Avatar that it was meant to be.                                          

Monday, January 25, 2010

Build a Health Consciousness

Reading over Dr. Bailes’ quote in the previous blog, I decided to repeat the last part of his statement, because it is the nuts and bolts of building a health consciousness: Thus, the person whose thought life is characterized by destructive thoughts, with its fears, hates, grudges, envying; with its discussion of, and absorption in, sickness and sadness, is thus creating a thought-pattern which the ceaseless creative activity of Mind fabricates into disease forms, quite impersonally, but none the less certainly. Our privilege is to take definite steps to change that underlying thought-pattern into one of health, love, peace, happiness.    
The first step is an awareness of your thought-patterns, understanding that they create your reality. We discussed that concept in the previous blogs, and I used the example of me attracting asthma because of my thought of feeling overwhelmed and restricted in getting tasks done. The asthma made me take time-outs to rest. Second, you have to know what you desire, or what you want the outcome to be. And that brings me to the third step--The Creative Process, which teaches you how to control your thoughts to manifest what you desire in life. Let's take a look at the basic application:
The Creative Process
(1) Align your mind with the Universal Mind of the Master Builder or Creator, who created the body and therefore, knows how to heal it.  
(2) By means of your conscious mind select thoughts of good health, peace, love and faith. We are like a magnet attracting positive and negative energy to us. (Law of Attraction). This is the thought I now think constantly: I am healthy and balance. I have plenty of energy and time to get everything I need done.
Repeating a positive affirmation will not get rid of the dis-ease. However, it will keep you focused on the right thoughts and in alignment with the universal laws. I once read how Myrtle Fillmore the co-founder of Unity, a church in the New Thought Movement, healed herself of Tuberculosis by repeating affirmations thousands of times.  Mrs. Fillmore, a truth student, knew that the Creative Process operates on the principle of the laws. She built a health consciousness, by staying away from negative thoughts and emotions and flooding her mind with positive affirmations.  
(3) The sub-conscious mind acts on the habitual thought pattern selected by the conscious mind (Principle of Mind). Thoughts that you habitually think become your belief system, causing your sub-conscious mind to act by manifesting according to your beliefs. No matter what the outer appearance of the physical condition, think positive thoughts of the body being perfect.    
The spoken word is also very powerful. Every time you say, “I’m sick, I don’t feel well, or I have this disease.” You’re affirming that condition, and it will continue to be manifested in your life. That’s just how the laws work. . Visualization is a powerful tool to help you create the reality that you want. See yourself healthy and doing the things you want to do in life.    
The book, The Secret, is based on the Creative Process. If you want to know more about this process to use it to create a Wealth Consciousness, I recommend that you read Wallace Wattles’ book, The Science of Getting Rich and my free eBook, PathtoTruth.  

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Universal Laws and Healing

If you have been following this blog, you know I have been dealing with asthma. Are you wondering how I am feeling now that I uncovered the belief of feeling overwhelmed and restricted? I feel great, but like I said in the previous blog, it is not enough to deal with the thoughts that create diseases; we have to  work also with the laws that govern them in order to heal fully.  
The Law or Principle of Polarity is forever presenting us with thoughts and images that can easily be impressed upon our minds, whether they are negative or positive. Through the Law of Attraction, we attract them to match the ones we are already thinking.
Karmic also plays a major role in our life stories. Nothing happens by chance. Whatever health condition we are experiencing may be deriving from a cause that we cannot perceive or understand in the present life. We are more or less tied to our past lives, heredity, environment and thoughts. Everything we think, say or do has a direct or indirect influence on our health.  Remember Redd Foxx, the actor, who played Sanford on the sitcom Sanford and Son. He was always faking a heart attack, stating he was having the big one. He literally died of one.
Here is a list of the seven Hermetic or Universal Laws that govern all life. However, I recommend the following books for an in depth study of them: The Kybalion by The Three Initiates and Wayne Chandler’s book, Ancient Future
·         The Principle of Mentalism. All is mind.
·         The Principle of Correspondence. As above, so below
·         The Principle of Vibration. Nothing rests; Everything moves
·         The Principle of Polarity. Everything is dual.
·         The Principle of Rhythm. Everything flows. Tides come in an out.
·         The Principle of Cause and Effect. For every action, there’s a reaction.
·         The Principle of Gender. The masculine and feminine principle is in everything.
Dr. Frederick Bailes in his book, Your Mind Can Heal You, describes how the Principle of Mentalism works in accordance with health. Read this repeatedly until you really grasp the concept: It (the One Mind) knows the mechanics of building cells, but it must always follow a plan. It will follow a disease pattern as quickly as it will follow a health pattern. Thus, the person whose thought life is characterized by destructive thoughts, with its fears, hates, grudges, envying; with its discussion of, and absorption in, sickness and sadness, is thus creating a thought-pattern which the ceaseless creative activity of Mind fabricates into disease forms, quite impersonally, but none the less certainly. Our privilege is to take definite steps to change that underlying thought-pattern into one of health, love, peace, and happiness.    
Next step: The Creative Process and Creating Good Health

  P.s. the Law of Attraction is not one of the seven Hermetic Laws, but it can be placed under the Principle of Vibration.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Part II How Your Mind Can Heal You

A week has passed since I felt as though I was catching a cold. I have gone from bad to good and back to bad again. However, looking closer at my symptoms, I realized I was having a recurrence of adult asthma, something I didn’t want to claim. Now it was back to the drawing board to uncover the thought manifesting the asthma.
Someone emailed me a question after reading the previous blog. She wanted to know how do you determine what thought is creating a particular illness. In that blog, I mentioned Louise Hays’ book, Heal Your Body. It has a great section on habitual thoughts that create diseases.  However, I prefer to do automatic writing, going deep within my own subconscious mind to find the answer.    
Automatic writing is an easy procedure to do. It’s best if you’re alone, and it’s quiet. Turn off the phone, TV, radio, computer or anything that is a distraction. I write down my concern in the form of a question. “What is the thought that has now manifested in my body as asthma?” Then I sit quietly, pray or meditate that I may receive an answer from The Creator or one of Her Light beings such as an angel, spirit guide, Master Teacher, ancestor or maybe my Higher Self. Eventually, thoughts flow, and I write them down as quickly as I can. Later I review the information and select whatever resonates with my mind and heart.  
  In this case, I received this response. The thought of being overwhelmed with the duties of life is restricting the life flow. I knew I wasn’t going to heal until I released not only the thought, but also the negative emotions of fear and anxiety giving it power.
It was time for me to take back my power by reviewing the universal laws or Hermetic teachings that govern all life in order to heal. There is no healing modality on Earth that works outside of these laws.

Next: The Universal Laws and Spiritual Mind Healing

Sunday, January 10, 2010

How Your Mind Can Heal You

As I sit here writing this article on how your mind can heal you, I have to laugh. I’m coming down with a cold or sinus infection, and I’m blogging about healing.  Truth be told, this blog is my reminder that we are constantly bombarded with negative energy, and we need reminders to get us back on the right path. So, stay with me as I look at the first step of how your mind can heal you.

Step one: Any dis-harmony or imbalance in the physical, emotional, and mental bodies comes from a thought form. Ernest Holmes in his book, Science of Mind, describes diseases as “…an impersonal thought force operating through people, which does not belong to them at all. While in every case disease is an effect and must first have a subjective cause, nine times out of ten it is not conscious in the thought of the person who has it. Man is fundamentally perfect.”  
What have I been thinking that is bringing me to the brink of a cold? Or what thoughts have I accepted consciously or unconsciously into my consciousness. I asked myself, “What was going on in my life that I now need to stop, rest, relax or just get in touch with my intuition?”

The holidays were a happy time, but they were also stressful. I had a number of house repairs that needed immediate attention. I saw several news programs about the H1N1 flu shot and the bombardment of T.V. commercials pushing cold and flu medications. When I greeted my father on his 85th birthday, he told me not to get to close to him because he had a cold. I immediately agreed with him and kept my distance.  I even increased the number of times I washed my hands while visiting him.    

Looking back, I realize how important it is to retrace my actions to find the underlying mental state.  I pulled out Louise Hays’ book, Heal Your Body and looked for the mental causation for colds. She states: 
Too much going on at once. Mental confusion, disorder. Small hurts. “I get three colds every winter,” type of belief.

I definitely had a lot of mental confusion going on, and I recognized that I was identifying with a belief that I could catch a cold from someone else. We have been programmed to believe in dis-harmony and imbalance in the physical body since childhood. I’m not picking on my father, but he’s such a perfect example of believing that something outside of himself is responsible for his health. He’s a good man but believes strongly in what doctors tell him.  He constantly tells me as you get older you’re going to get an age related illness, or if I have it, you'll most likely get it.  As a child, I would accept his beliefs, but now as an adult, I shout out lovingly, “Stop! I don’t accept that belief.”  That leads me to step two: On how to change your beliefs and let the process of healing start. Read more in the next blog.     

P.s. I’m feeling better already now that I have identify the thought; going to clean the house and then cook some chicken noodle soup for my body and soul.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


My favorite movie is the Matrix, but Avatar is running a close second or maybe even tying with it. I won’t know for sure until I see it again in 3D. What I loved about both movies is that they embody metaphysical and spiritual concepts and symbolism that enhance the main theme. Avatar’s story is not new. We encountered the storyline in Kevin Costner’s Dance with the Wolves and a host of other stories where the hero saves the world and gets the girl. What made Avatar different was the hero wasn’t saving  the USA, but a planet called Pandora. What a perfect name for this movie. Pandora of Greek mythology opened the box and evil came out and what was left was hope. 9KT3U9CYHHDB And the evil that invaded Pandora was greedy Americans bent on destroying the planet and its people to secure and mine a valuable mineral, unobtainium, located on the tribal home grounds.  Avatar is full of political, cultural, social, spiritual, and environmental messages played out against the beauty of Pandora. Even the 10ft-tall, blue striped, green-eyed Na’vi people are beautiful and exotic. Their customs are similar to indigenous cultures such as the praying over killed animals; living in harmony with nature; using plants and trees to heal; singing and dancing ceremonies; demonstrating Oneness; and worshiping a female Goddess. There is so much in this movie that I have yet to tell you about  the dreamwalkers and the Tree of Life.  Go see it and enjoy 2 hrs and 48 minutes of fantastic fantasy, science fiction, adventure, and romance. But most of all you'll get a chance to envision what Earth would be like, if we all lived in harmony and love.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Thanks to the Lady in Black

While at the gas station the other day waiting for the tank to fill up, I thought about all that I had to do in the next few weeks. I was looking forward to spending the holidays with my family and friends. I was also excited about the coming year and penning my New Year Resolutions. Over the years it had become a tradition for me on New Year’s Day to walk a labyrinth with friends and later when alone write out my goals for the year. I’m a Capricorn and having goals to look forward too is part of my nature.  I have several projects that I want to bring to fruition, but each has it own little challenge. I felt as if I was spinning my wheels and going nowhere.  
When I looked up to replace the gas nozzle of the hose back into place, I noticed a woman dressed in all black walking towards me. I know her I thought, but I couldn’t remember from where.  As she walked passed me without even a glance in my direction, tears came to my eyes, and I remembered. She was the mortician for my son who died almost nine years ago. Tears flowed as I was no longer in the year of 2009, but in 2001. My heart was heavy with grief and pain. Finally, getting a gripe on myself, I drove out of the gas station thinking about how in January it would be nine years since my son made his transition. Gradually as the day progressed the heavy emotions lightened and my rational mind returned. I asked myself what lesson was there for me to learn from that experience.   
Later that evening I pulled out my 2001 journal to review the last nine years, the end of a cycle. Many of the entries were ridden with grief thoughts of a mother gone mad. I cried a second time. Closing the journal, I knew I wouldn’t find solace in it. For days I wondered what this experience was all about.
 While shopping one day, I picked up a skein of yarn to crochet a hat and scarf for a Christmas gift. The color was black and as I held onto the yarn, a flood of thoughts came into my consciousness.  The lady in black was a wake up call. The black she wore represented death, not in the sense of dying, but the releasing of old beliefs and stuck emotions that would no longer work for me in a new cycle.  Standing in the middle of a parking lot, I released the grief emotions I still held onto. Like the Ghost Whisper, I had sent my son to the light many years ago, but I was still holding onto the grief.
And I needed to see and understand what was blocking my progress.  
As I drove home from the store, the projects that I thought were so pressing, no longer worried me. I immediately knew what I had to do to move them forward. But more profound was the feeling of freedom that I felt. Even though for a moment in time the grief consumed my heart because I wouldn’t let it go out of guilt, it had now turned to joy; the joy for having the opportunity to walk part of my son’s path with him and the joy of receiving and understanding the symbolic message of the lady in black that life is about beginnings, endings and regeneration. It’s okay to grieve, but you also have to know when to let it go.

This article is dedicated to my son Antoine Aparicio and the victims and families of 9/11.

2010 What does it Mean for you?

Worried about the economy, health care, climate changes, jobs, and H1N1 then get ready for a universal year that will challenge you to use your creative abilities to co-create with God a harmonious and balanced world.
 For those new to numerology, a universal year is figured by adding all the numbers of the calendar year together 2+0+1+0=3. By looking at each number in the calendar year, we can interpret how the energies can influence our planet and our lives. For instance, the 2 vibration in 2010 represents the feminine energy (The High Priestess in the Tarot deck) which is the dominate energy for the millennium. The High Priestess is Pista Sophia, wisdom and the subconscious energy that makes dreams come true.  
All of those zeros behind the 2 in this millennium intensify the High Priestess’ energy making her even more potent. For the zero is the symbol for God, The Creator or the All Seeing Eye. It increases the power of any number, for example, 3, 30,300, 3000, etc. The 10  at the end of 2010 is the first compound number of the numerical system and when added together (1+0=1) it becomes the Magician (1) of the Tarot Deck or pioneer, offering many inventions or artistic creations for this year. Also the 10 is the vibration of Fate and destiny. We can only co-create with the Creator and there comes a time when we have no control. We have to align our will with the will of God. Remember 2001, it was a 3 year, and we experienced the devastation of 9/11. Well anything goes in a 3 year, because the energies are scattered all over the place unless we learn how to work with it. It’s that kind of year.   
A strong aspect of the 3 energy is its association with the 3rd chakra located in the area of the solar plexus.  It is the chakra that deals with power or powerlessness, low or high self-esteem and positive and negative emotions.

The negative emotional energy will definitely play out around the 2010 elections as the political parties fight for control and power. Unfortunately this  energy will spill over to the general population citing riots and protests. The lesson for humanity is to get control of their emotional bodies and not let their negative emotions create havoc in their and others’ lives.   
 Climate changes will take front page, forcing us into action to save the planet. The young people will take the lead in creating a better environment. They are fully awake to what it takes to save the planet. 350 is the number we will hear a lot about since many scientists say that we need 350ppm concentration of CO2 in the air  for safety. The 3+5+0=8, is the vibration identified with Earth.
In 2009, the CO2 rose to 390ppm. Look at that number 3+9+0= 12 and 1+2=3. We have the power to use the positive aspect of the 3 energy to create a healthy environment. 
Souls incarnating in this year will be highly intuitive, and the developmental charts will not apply to them. New ones will have to be created. Autism will be on the rise. However, a breakthrough is possible this year due to the heightened energies of people working together to go beyond the normal to create change. This is the year of new inventions and cures for diseases.
        An intense year for those who have 3’s in prominent places on their name and birth charts. If you’re a writer, keep your pen and paper near by because creative ideas will flow like a rain shower. Sci-fi, fantasy, supernatural writers, and screen writers will create unusual books and films.  Those in advertisement and public relations should also do well this year in creating high tech ads.  The key words are imagination and visualization. Use both of them to create or manifest what you desire. The arts will dominate this year with new and extraordinary talent being discovered. 
        The economy will stay unsteady due to the nature of the 3 energy being scattered. Use your mind to create the job or livelihood you desire. Don’t rely on others or the government to provide for you. We are moving forward to an era of high creativity, causing productivity in all fields.
        Once we are aware of the energy we are working with, we can individually and collectively align our thoughts and actions with the Universal Mind for the right manifestations for our spirits and the planet.