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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Do you Believe in Angels?

It’s that time of year when people are more conscious of angels and sharing angel stories. I have a few of my own, but will share them with you another time. Instead, I interviewed an expert in Angelology, Angela McGerr of the Uk. I met Angela and her sister, Joanna, on the Call of the Condor tour to Peru and Bolivia with Drunvalo Melchizedek in 2004. We bonded and have kept in touch ever since. I couldn't help but notice that Angela's name has the word angel in it. It seems her destiny was written in her name. Here’s part I of Angela's interview.

 1. Angela would you tell the readers a little about yourself and how you got involved with angels and creating angel cards?  I have posted a mini-biog on my new website ( which includes a little about the strange story of my "wake up" call in August 1999, during an energy healing course that took place at the time of a major eclipse of the sun, and how I was subsequently hijacked by the angels from my business career.  After attending the healing course that started off this brand new career, I started to meditate every day with angels and ask for their guidance.  I soon felt I was being asked to create a multi-level set of angel cards that would rival a Tarot set, but would contain only pure, positive angelic energy.  That's how the first set of the trilogy - the Harmony Angel Cards - was born.  Many other works followed, including the second of the trilogy (Heart & Soul) in 2006, and the final set (Love & Light) has just been published.

2.  Do you receive your information intuitively or through research or both? At the beginning I immersed myself deeply in research of both ancient and modern angel literature.  I was soon guided to the Essene Angelology and to studying this with a view to simplifying this philosophy for a 21st century audience, calling it The Way of Love & Light. 
Then I began to channel information for my writing, and have continued to do this ever since; at the same time I have been taught that spiritually we are part of a kind of Cosmic Jigsaw.  Our understanding - our first "toe in the water" - can begin by learning to work with the angels every day, and if we do this the Jigsaw becomes wider, deeper, and more esoteric as we learn about it.   

3. Some people don't believe in angels, what would you tell them?  We all have free will, but if they knew in detail how my own life was transformed, and read some of the thousands of e-mails from readers and students that I've received since 1999, detailing the way the angels have helped heal themselves and their lives, perhaps they would re-consider......

4. Is an angel the same as a spirit guide? No.  There are many, many levels of vibration beyond our own, beginning with ghosts and earthbound spirits/soul fragments (whom we can actually help in Light Work with Angels - again a healing need!).  Spirit Guides are a higher vibration than this, and they are those who have died, but choose (as part of their soul journey) to return and guide the living with spiritual development; often (but not always) they are relatives or are known to us.  Many people, however, report Native American Guides, priests, nuns or those from former civilisations.  Ascended Masters are on a higher vibration still, because they are perfected souls having no further karma to address, but again, who choose to aid the living.  Above this are Angels, whose vibration is closest to God/the Creator.  Each angel is said to be Guardian of one of the Creator's Attributes - hence their Guardianship roles.  But because their vibration is so high it takes some working with them and self-healing to gradually draw nearer, and thus to feel/see/sense their energy rays more clearly.  In my website section entitled Working With Angels I share the method the angels taught me for invoking them from heart with loving intent and knowing that they are with you.

5. Do angels have gender, race, age, etc? No.  In reality they are Light Beings, but we like to think of them as having genders; for example, Gabriel, Guardian of the Moon is generally regarded as feminine, as is Haniel, Gurdian of Venus, but this is something that mankind feels comfortable with, rather than Divine Truth!

6. How do you know what they look like? They can appear in any way they choose.  For example, they can appear as humanoid, especially if that is the only way that they would be understood by the viewer.  Often, though, they appear as twinkling lights, or symbols, or colours, or geometry, or in my case as warm, tingling, strong or cool rays......when I am channelling, hazy light in the periphery of vision shows they are around.  I do not often "see" them clairvoyantly, but I do "feel" their energy clairsentiently and "hear" their messages in my heart, "clairaudiently".  That's how I teach others to communicate with angels, because 99% of people can learn how to "feel/sense" the different angels' rays, but few people can see them clairvoyantly.

7. Would you recommend one or two books on angels for the readers?  The book that guided me most at the beginning is Gustav Davidson's A Dictionary of Angels.  Until I received that book I had no idea that there were hundreds and hundreds of named angels, each with a specific Universal Guardianship; there is nothing in the Universe that does not have a named Guardian Angel, including ourselves.

In Part II learn all about Angela's Angelic Cards that will help you learn how to work with your angels.

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