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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Do you Believe in Angels? An Interview with Angela McGerr Part II

1. Tell us a little something about how the cards work? The card sets form a multi-level trilogy, of which the Love & Light cards are the final set.  
  • The Harmony Angel Cards message is: How to find the Way of Love & Light by inviting angels into your everyday life. 
  • The Heart & Soul Angel Cards message is: Angelic guidance in linking your heart's desires with your true soul's purpose.
  • The Love & Light Angel Cards message is: Follow the angels way of Love & Light to healing, harmony and heart ascension*.  * Personal Heart Ascension greatly aids Planetary Ascension
Each set of the card set trilogy works fully independently, but the three sets, comprising 144 cards, can also be used together for a very deep and full life guidance reading.  The angels are invoked to guide the choice of cards and both text and artworks, including colours, will aid the user to connect to the angelic realms for healing.  The message needs to be read with the eye of heart, and if followed, is reinforced by calling on the support of the angels drawn in the reading.  The more the user trusts and surrenders to the angels, the more spiritual help will be derived.  Yet the angels cannot do things for us; they can only support us to address any karma and move on in life towards physical and spiritual harmony.  This is the wholeness perceived by the Essenes with which daily communion with angels assists us.

2. The images on the cards are beautiful. Where did you get them? For each artwork I meditate with the angel and ask how they wish to be portrayed.  Then I am given a fleeting glimpse.  I write this down and send it to Richard Rockwood, my wonderful illustrator.  He "tunes in" and receives the image, and can generally, after nine years of working together, get it about right first time.  However, I know immediately he sends it to me if it is right or not right!

3. Could you tell us something about the healing component of the cards? I believe that angels are not really "fluffy" figures, but rays of ultra-high vibration healing involving Love, Light (including Colour and Symbols) that we can invoke to aid and support our own efforts towards physical/spiritual wholeness.  In my courses and Mystery School I give Angelic Light Attunements and teach this type of healing.  At the end of the day it's all about healing!

4. How can the readers get in touch with you and purchase the cards? Signed and personally dedicated copies of all my works can be obtained through my website,, or that of my sister (  In UK, the card sets and many other works can/should be found in all major book stores, though older titles (all nine books and card sets are still in print) may have to be ordered.  Amazon has all the card sets and as far as I know, still carry all nine titles.

In USA, the new Love & Light Angel Card set will be obtainable (now or shortly) from Barnes & Noble stores - this is a new step and both the angels and I hope it works!

To find out more about Angela’s Heart and Soul Conference in West Sussex, Uk, in late April, please visit her website at

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