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Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Power of the 44

Most people go through their lives never aware of the power of numbers. Then there are others who understand that numbers, colors and sounds are ways, in which the Universe communicates with us. Numbers speak to us symbolically and a lot of times intuitively. November 22, 2009, is one of those days we need to pay attention to its subtle but powerful energy. The last time this Master vibration graced our planet was in 1910, and will not come again until 2018. Why not take a moment to listen to its message? 
       But first you should know that November 22, 2009, adds up to the Master Number 44/8. Just add all the numbers until you arrive at a single digit.

Except in the case of Master numbers, like the 44, you would write it as 44/8 to show its full range of power:
  • The 44/8 requires a knowledge and understanding of all the seven Hermetic or Universal Laws.
  • Its symbol or geometrical relation is an octahedron -a polyhedron having eight faces. 
  • In the Tarot deck, the Major Arcane card "Strength" (8) is about fortitude and compassion. 
  • The 44/8 is aware of light (11/2), able to transmute darkness into light (22/4) and heal humanity with love and light (33/6) to bring heaven to earth –Adeptship (44/8).
The significant message of this day is to get in line with the energies of Adeptship. The two key qualities of this vibration to help you are discipline (4) + effort (4) that results in manifestation of ones dreams or goals in the material realm (8) for the betterment of humanity. At this stage of the game you are a Master of the light and not in competition with anyone else. You know who you are regardless what others are doing or saying. The following excerpt is from an article that I wrote when President Barack Obama became- President-elect that I think clearly illustrates the path of Adeptship.
As the 44th president, Barack Obama will have the awesome task of being the Wayshower for humanity, using good leadership skills, divine creative energy and faith to lead us through a period of darkness. He will be tested as most souls are to remain in the light. We have already seen this in the events surrounding the election and the recent scandal regarding his vacated Senate seat. However, Obama is on the path of spiritual evolution and has the guidance of his Master teachers. He has to listen and trust his inner voice regardless of what is occurring in the external world. The lesson of the true adept is to bring heaven to earth.       

Let the vibration of the Master Number 44 speak to you today.
P.S.  In the 11/11/11 blog, I discuss the significance of the 11/2 (light power) and 22/4(Master Builder), and the 33/6 (Master Healer).

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