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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Michael Jackson's This Is It---How was it?

A few hours ago, I sat in the movie theater watching the Michael Jackson’s This Is It, the behind-the-scene rehearsal performances for his London concert. I was pleasantly surprised at the high caliber of the film, but more so of Jackson’s performance. He was at the top of his game considering his age and health problems. I, like others in the theater, was grooving with Michael. For a moment I thought I was at a live concert as the movie audience applauded after each performance.  Michael demonstrated to the young dancers and singers how he was still the King of Pop. Genius is the only word that I can use to describe his artistic ability. His mastery of music and dancing clearly came through on screen. This definitely had the making of an epic tour.  For me it was not an emotional movie, but one that left me with the feeling of appreciating the man and his art. At the end of it, Michael talked about love, especially loving our planet Earth and every living creature on it. As a numerologist, I noted that Michael’s birth path number was a 6 (August, 29, 1958) and the day his spirit decided to leave his body permanently was a 6 (June 25, 2009). And his first name, Michael, is a 33/ 6. The 6 is the vibration of love. His life lesson was to learn how to love himself, which we all know how difficult that was for him. Nevertheless, he gave us his love through his art. RIP, Michael.

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