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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Meeting Soyinka-- Coincidence or Synchronicity?

Several months ago, my father received the results of his DNA Ancestry PatriClan Test, describing how one of his ancestors was of the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria.  I had already known of my mother’s heritage, being a blend of African, Native American and European.  However, the most intriguing discovery of my genealogical search through oral history and documents was my ancestors’ involvement in spirituality and religion.
Several of them had been founders of Christian churches, ministers, deacons, church clerks, and Mothers of the church. They were also gifted prophets and clairvoyants. My maternal great-grandmother was an herbalist, healer, mid-wife, embalmer, and poet.
 Because of my own strong interest and involvement in all things metaphysical and spiritual, I wanted to know more about the spirituality of my indigenous ancestors.
Then Soyinka Iyako Ogunbusola came into my life.  
 I thought about Soyinka and her presence in my life and knew that meeting her was no coincidence. The Universe knows when to send the right people into your life, put you in the right place or give you the right lesson to master.       
        Soyinka practices the West African spiritual traditions of the Yoruba people called IFA, and has gone through the rites of passage of Ancestral Veneration into Egungun priesthood, an ancient ancestral secret society.  She has traveled through West Africa continuing her extensive studies of African spiritual systems and performed libations ceremonies in Cape coast, Elima slave dungeons in Ghana, Gorey Island, Senegal, and James Island in Gambia. Soyinka had participated also in the rituals of the Fon people of Togo.
        Beyond Deceptions Myths and Lies is Soyinka’s historical account of the traditional African and Caribbean spiritual systems. Soyinka’s second book, Ancestral Memories, recounts her travels through West Africa.
        You can read one of Soyinka’s articles titled, West Africa’s Orisha and Astrology at
        I’m looking forward to following the path of African and Native American spiritual systems. Just as a teacher has appeared for my African studies, I have faith that the Universe will send me a guide, an angel, a feather or whatever I need to follow the path of the Great Spirit. 

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