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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Do You Know How Important Your Life Story is?

My question to you reader----Do you know how important your life story is?

"An autobiography or memoir is a historical record of a person's life; the thoughts, feelings, events, people and places of an individual's past in detail. It is your very unique and personal contribution to your family's history and on a greater scale your contribution to the history of the world we live in," says Maureen Stewart, a Personal Historian.

Today we tell bits and pieces of our stories to family members, close friends, therapists and sometimes strangers we meet on airplanes and other modes of transportation, but we don’t write them down to share with others. We think that only celebrities should pen their stories. Our stories are important because they contain the essence of who we are. Ancient cultures knew this and they preserved their culture and history through oral storytelling, cave writings, songs, music and the arts. We can’t afford to let our personal history vanish like the wind; our children and grandchildren need to know about their history.

Path to Truth is my story. It tells of my spiritual gifts and journey into the world of the occult(that which is hidden); the challenges I had to overcome; the people and places I met along the path; and detours that made me the person I am today. 

At one time I wanted to update the concepts I had learned by revising Path to Truth. But, luckily, I realized I can't revise the past; let it be. Instead, I will pick up where I left off living in two worlds--Heaven and Hell. If you want to know more .....

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P.S. Start writing your story today and don't forget to share it.

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