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Monday, October 24, 2016

Autism and Telepathy is there a Connection?

In the Rankin Family fantasy series, Five Days of Darkness, one of the main characters is Charlie, a seven-year old autistic child who is also telepathic. Charlie can receive and send information to another person without the use of speech or sign language.  

Charlie’s character mirrors my son’s life. Antoine was born with two deadly disorders: Hydrocephalus and Neurofibromatosis, which left him severely disabled. His autism took a back seat to these two grave diseases. Nevertheless, he did have a behaviorist and speech therapist. I remember her telling me I was Antoine’s worst problem, because I allowed him to communicate with me through his special language, which she didn't accept or believe in. 

The special communication language she referred to was Antoine’s ability to let me know sometimes through telepathy what he desired. So, it was easy for me to tell Charlie’s story and the relationship he had with his parents and others. I describe from experience how difficult and frustrating it was for Charlie’s parents to accept their perfectly beautiful child's condition. And it was just as frustrating for Charlie to know his parents didn’t understand him until the unforeseen happened that changed their lives forever. 

Charlie’s story gives another perspective about the mental and emotional abilities of autistic children. In the Metaphysical world, Charlie is called a  Rainbow child.  Rainbow Children are the third generation of divine children (Indigo and Crystal) that have reincarnated into the Earth’s plane. One of their purposes is to heighten the awareness of humankind's 6th sense and the psychic powers they have. However, many educators, psychologists, and medical professionals tend to disregard the intuitive abilities of autistic children as some New Age fad or a denial by parents to accept their child as autistic

Charlie’s character brings out these disparities and gives the reader and in- depth look into the mind of an autistic and telepathic child in a very entertaining, fast pace story.

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Books for the Mind, Body and Spirit

 At the age of nine, my father took me to Enoch Pratt Library in Baltimore, Maryland to get my first library card. A whole new world opened for me.  Seven years later, I discovered the bestselling book, The Search for Bride Murphy by Morey Bernstein that set the course of my life.  The information about past life regression and reincarnation went against my cultural and religious beliefs, but opened my mind to a whole new world. You can read more about my spiritual journey in Path to Truth: A Spiritual Memoir. As the fourth installment in the series of #Take That Quantum Leap With Me, I recommend the following books as part of your journey to awaken your consciousness. The books cover a  smorgasbord of information from magic, healing, energy, Quantum Physics, reincarnation, laws of the universe, self-improvement, spirituality to the mind. In the coming weeks, I will refer to these books and others to explore more deeply the principles and laws of the Human Consciousness Movement. So, take the leap and start reading.

Books to Awaken the Mind

  1. Buhlman, William The Secret of the Soul: Using Out-of-Body Experiences to Understand Our True Nature
  2. Cross, Matthew The Golden Ratio & Fibonacci Sequence: Golden Keys to Your Genius, Health, Wealth & Excellence
  3. Dispenza, Joe Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself
  4. Doidge, Norman the Brain That Changes Itself
  5. Gikandi David C. A Happy Pocket Full of Money: Infinite Wealth and Abundance in the Here and Now
  6. Grout, Pam E-Cube: Nine More Energy Experiments That Prove Manifesting Magic and Miracles is Your Full-Time Gig
  7. Ingalese, Richard History and Power of Mind
  8. Kaku Michio The Future of the Mind: The Scientific Quest to Understand, Enhance, and Empower the Mind
  9. Lipton, Bruce  The Biology of Belief
  10. Lipton, Bruce  The Honeymoon Effect: The Science of Creating Heaven on Earth
  11. Madden Dhal Lynda Living a safe Universe: A Book for Seth Readers
  12. Marinez, Mario Mind Body Connection
  13. McTaggart The Field Updated Ed: The uest for the Secret Force of the Universe
  14. Michael, JJ Path to Truth: a Spiritual Memoir
  15. Peirce Penney frequency: The Power of Personal Vibration
  16. Radin, Dean Entangles Minds: Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum Reality
  17. Roberts, Jane The Nature of Personal Reality: Specific Practical Techniques for Solving Everyday Problems and Enriching the Life You Know
  18. Ruiz, Miguel  The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom 
  19. Singer Michael The Untethered Soul: the Journey Beyond Yourself
  20. Three Initiates Kybalion: A Study of The Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece
  21. Tolle, Eckhart A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose
  22. Vieten Cassandra Living Deeply: the Art & Science of Transformation in Everyday Life

Monday, October 10, 2016

Awakening of Consciousness

Welcome back to the second video in the #Take That Quantum Leap With Me. In the previous blog you learned about the  Chakras and how they affect your reality.  The second video I selected for this series is the Awakening of Consciousness presented by the renowned spiritual teacher, Eckhart Tolle, who takes you deeper into who you are and human consciousness.  You can read about my spiritual journey in my book, Path to Truth: a Spiritual Memoir.  Download the book for FREE starting October 11, 2016  to October 15 .

I recommend that you take 30 minutes or more each week to learn about the Quantum Evolution that is happening now. As Eleanor Roosevelt said, "This is no ordinary times." The world is in a state of flux  due to the shift in consciousness. The series will reveal the information you need to know to vibrate with Quantum energy. #Take That  Quantum Leap With Me.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Chakras 101: How 7 Body Points Can Balance Your Life

The video Chakras 101: How 7 Body Points Can Balance Your life- teach you about the Chakra System and how it's a map for understanding our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energetic selves. Chakras will play a vital role in the future to heal and expand consciousness. I recently read an astrology article describing how several planets will line up in 2020 that will reconstruct and transform the world and humanity. There will be two worlds: one of higher consciousness under the air sign of Aquarius and the lower world full of negativity. It seems as if we are already living these two worlds. Nevertheless, the more you know about how energy works and manifests, the easier it will be for you to plug into the quantum world. Don't get left behind, prepare now for the changes that are coming. I will be posting a series of blogs to bring awareness to the shift in consciousness. #Take that quantum leap with me.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Making your Mind Matter with Joe Dispenza Part 2

I'm a big believer of the inspirational quote-change your mind, change your life. Dr. Joe Dispenza, one of my favorite metaphysical teachers, gives the scientific and spiritual reasons why your mind matters. He will tell you how to place the right "software" in your brain to change your mind, change your life. So, what are you waiting for? Click and get ready to understand and learn how to make major shifts in your life.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Let's Talk Sex and Spirituality

As I was contemplating about the theme for my new book, Fornakopia, I wanted to focus on a mature woman's sexual life and the connection between sex and spirituality as the driving points of the story.

I talked to several matured women about their sexual lives. The discussion wasn't a scientific study but to gather information to shape my protagonist's character. Several important things surfaced in the discussion. The  women talked about sexual suppression. While growing up, they weren't allowed to ask questions or discuss sex within the family or with others, resulting in feelings of guilt, shame, and emotional abandonment. These negative feelings affected their sexual performance and enjoyment. Suppression could go even deep if physical abuse or rape occurred.

 The discussion also centered on the age of  their first sexual encounter and did they know what to expect. Many said no. They were in their teens or early twenties and were clueless, and so were their partners. I asked if they enjoyed sex in their younger years. They responded if they were in a loving relationship sex was good. All agreed sex got better as they aged.

My last question to this esteemed group of women- do you have orgasms?  Some did, and others didn't, or they faked it. But no one talked about the god-orgasm-when spiritual and sexual energies connect to create bliss and enlightenment.

 Spiritual teacher, healer, and author Dr. Deepak Chopra describes it as, "when somebody experiences intimacy and reaches orgasm, we feel vulnerable, intimate, we are defenseless, spontaneous, joyful, carefree and there is a sense of timelessness. These are the characteristics and true nature of our spirit.  Spontaneous, joyful, carefree and there is a sense of timelessness. Living your life with this level of intimacy would allow to emerge the evolutionary impulse, the creative energy of the universe which is your spirit."  Follow Deepak on Twitter:

From those conversations, research and my creative mind, I created Annaliza Wentworth, the protagonist of Fornakopia. She is a rich, matured, widow who lives a passionless life. She spends her time daydreaming about having a steamy, sensual relationship, something she always wanted. Psychological trauma, spiritual suppression, and sexual fantasies are all significant parts of Annaliza's character, making for a sensual, suspenseful, romantic novel.

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